How to Get and Use the Best AI Voice Generator

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been revolutionizing various aspects of human life, and voice generation is no exception.

An AI voice generator can mimic voices, including those of celebrities, to the extent that the generated voice sounds nearly identical to the original. But how does it work, and what are its applications?

Let’s get into these questions and more, explaining the technicalities and applications of AI voice generators in detail.

Celebrity Voices: AI Mimicry and Training

Imagine being able to speak in the voice of any celebrity in real-time. This is no longer a thing of the future, thanks to the advent of AI voice generators.

However, there is a catch. While an AI voice generator can mimic the voice of a celebrity, it can’t perfectly mimic the way they deliver their lines. This is because the generator relies on a training model to imitate a voice, and nuances in speech delivery can vary greatly from person to person.

Despite this, with proper setup and voice training, the AI can generate a voice that sounds remarkably similar to the celebrity’s.

The AI voice generator allows you to train any voice, including your own. However, keep in mind that the AI-generated voice might not sound exactly like the original. It is also important to note that the AI cannot change the tone or delivery style of the voice.

Where to Get the AI Voice Generator Software?

One such AI voice generator software is available on a website called

At the time of writing, the software is available for free download, albeit with some limitations. The software is currently available only for Windows.

However, plans for availability on other platforms like iOS, Android, and macOS have been announced.

Setting up the AI Voice Generator

After downloading and installing the software, the first thing you need to do is set your audio input. This could be your microphone, audio interface, USB microphone, or a headset microphone. After setting the audio input, you need to select the mode in which you want the AI to operate. The AI can operate in two modes:

Record Mode

In record mode, the AI records your audio, processes it, and provides you with a file. This mode is perfect for pre-recording messages or speeches in a different voice. To use this mode, you need to select the voice you want the AI to mimic. Keep in mind that not all voices will be available initially; you will need to train the AI with the voices you want to use.

Once you’ve selected a voice, you can start recording. At the end of the recording, you’ll notice that the AI adds a watermark to the voice file. You can choose to remove this watermark, but it might require an additional payment.

Live Mode

The live mode is used for real-time voice change, useful for live streaming or similar applications. However, using live mode can be a little tricky as it can cause a lag in voice delivery. The lag and the quality of the voice can be controlled by a slider provided in the software. If the slider is set to “faster”, the lag is shorter, but the voice quality decreases. Conversely, if the slider is set to “better”, the voice quality improves, but the lag increases.

Record Limit and Music for Videos

While the record mode is useful, it comes with a limitation on the length of the recording. However, you can potentially lift this limitation by opting for the software’s paid version, which also allows you to remove the watermark and choose a higher audio quality.

Speaking of audio, it’s worth noting that good background music can significantly enhance the appeal of your videos. One platform that offers a vast library of music tracks without any restrictions is Epidemic Sound.

How to Get Other Voices AI Voice Generator?

Not all voices are readily available in the software. You need to train the software to produce other voices. Training a new voice requires credits or coins, which can be obtained either by paying or using free methods such as inviting friends or joining the software’s Discord server.

Another free method involves allowing the software to use your computer’s power to train its meta model. This method might consume a significant amount of electricity, so it might not be free in the true sense.

How to Create a Voice on AI Voice Generator?

The software also allows you to create your own voice. You can record your voice and train the software to replicate it. This process involves uploading an avatar, naming the voice, choosing a language and category, and deciding whether the voice should be available to everyone or kept unlisted.

Once the voice is created, you upload clean audio files of you speaking for at least 15 minutes. The software then takes a couple of hours to build the model based on your voice.


AI voice generator technology offers a range of possibilities, from creating your own unique voice to mimicking the voices of celebrities or any other voice of your choice.

While the AI Voice Generator technology has a myriad of applications, it also raises some concerns, especially about misuse. It is essential to have a discussion on the ethical use of this technology, to prevent potential misuse.

It is also crucial to note that this technology is still under development and has some limitations. Despite these limitations, AI Voice Generator technology provides a fascinating glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence, opening up a world of possibilities for content creators and consumers alike.

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