Can You Use Janitor AI Without API Key?

Janitor AI has steadily gained traction in the market as a leading artificial intelligence (AI) tool. With its growing popularity, numerous inquiries have cropped up concerning its utilization, primarily focusing on its API keys. One common question being asked is: “Can you use Janitor AI without an API key?” Let’s answer this question in this article.

Understanding the Janitor AI and Its API Keys

To understand the possibility of utilizing Janitor AI and Janitor AI API keys, one first needs to comprehend the tool and the role an API key plays in it. Janitor AI is an advanced AI platform that enables users to interact with an array of unique characters. The characters, each with their distinct features, provide an engaging, immersive experience.

However, to successfully engage with these characters, you’ll need an API key. This key can be either an OpenAI API key or a Cobalt AI API key. Both play a significant role in setting up and facilitating the chatting function in Janitor AI.

The Role of an API Key in Janitor AI

The API key serves as an access pass, unlocking the chat features in Janitor AI. Once you add the key, the AI characters become responsive, and you can easily start a conversation. But what happens when you remove the API key?

To answer that question, we’ve tested removing the API key from the system. The result is clear: the chat function gets disabled. An alert pops up, reading “Please set up the API on the top right corner to start chatting.” This message underscores the impossibility of utilizing the Janitor AI chat feature without an active API key.

Reinstating the API Key: A Road Back to Functionality

If you mistakenly remove the API key, don’t panic! The process to get the chat function back up and running is as simple as inputting your API key back into the settings. Once you have reentered the API key and the system verifies it, the chat section gets reenabled, and you can resume your interactions with the AI characters.


It’s essential to clarify that using Janitor AI without an API key is impossible. The key serves a vital role in the software’s functionality, enabling the chat feature that sets Janitor AI apart. Whether it’s an OpenAI API key or a Cobalt AI API key, the API key remains a must-have for all users of Janitor AI. Hence, always ensure your API key is correctly inputted to enjoy all the amazing features of this groundbreaking AI tool.

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