How To Create And Edit Video Using InVideo AI Online Tools


Video content has become an extremely popular and effective way for brands and creators to engage their audience. However, creating professional, high-quality videos requires expensive equipment and sophisticated editing skills. This is where AI-powered online video creation and editing tools like InVideo come in.

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InVideo is an intuitive cloud-based video editing platform that makes it easy for anyone to create stunning videos in minutes using their artificial intelligence and huge stock media library. With InVideo, you don’t need any technical expertise or experience to make eye-catching videos that tell your story.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through how to use InVideo’s smart video editor to create and customize your videos from start to finish.

Sign Up for a Free InVideo Account

To get started with InVideo, you first need to sign up for a free account on their website The signup process is simple and only requires your email address.

Once signed up, you can access InVideo’s full suite of video creation tools and stock media library. Their free plan allows you to make up to 25 videos per month, which is sufficient for most basic video needs.

You can always upgrade to a paid plan later if you need to produce more videos or require access to additional templates, graphics, and effects. But the free account works great for getting familiar with InVideo’s editor and testing it out.

Choose a Template or Use a Blank Canvas

After signing up, you can start creating a new video project in InVideo. You have the flexibility to either select one of their professionally designed video templates or start with a blank canvas.

Their template library has a wide range of categories and styles to suit different video needs. For example, templates for social media videos, video ads, intros, outros, slideshows, promotions, and more. The templates are fully customizable as well.

If you prefer starting from scratch, the blank canvas gives you full creative flexibility. You can add your own visuals, text, animations and build the video exactly how you envision it.

Browsing their templates gives you a good idea of what you can create with InVideo. You can always change the template later as you edit your video.

Upload and Add Your Own Media

Whether you select a template or blank canvas, the next step is to upload your own media assets to include in your video. InVideo supports uploading video clips, images, logos, and more.

Simply click the upload button and select the files you want to import from your computer. The supported file formats include MP4, MOV, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and GIF. There are no limits on how much media you can upload.

The uploaded files will appear in your media library on the left side panel, which you can then add to the video timeline. Drag and drop clips, images or other visual elements onto the timeline where you want them to appear.

You can add as many media elements as you like and rearrange them easily on the timeline. InVideo’s editor makes the video assembly process seamless.

Customize Your Video with Rich Effects

Now comes the fun part – customizing your video with text, animations, transitions, graphics and other enriching effects. This is where InVideo’s AI capabilities really shine.

Some of the powerful customizations you can do include:

  • Add text – Insert text boxes with your desired fonts, colors and styles. Great for titles, captions, quotes, etc.
  • Lower thirds – Easily add animated lower third graphics with transparent backgrounds to display names, locations, etc.
  • Motion graphics – Choose from a huge library of animated elements like shapes, lines, illustrations.
  • Icons – Insert animated icons to highlight certain information.
  • Transitions – Add slick transitions like slides, wipes, spins between video clips or images.
  • Overlays – Layer overlays like vintage film effects, light leaks for a cinematic touch.
  • Masks – Blur or pixelate parts of your video for cool effects.
  • Animated stickers – Add 2D illustrated stickers and emojis to your visuals.

With InVideo’s drag-and-drop interface, applying these effects takes just a few clicks. You can fully customize the text, colors, positioning and animation of elements as needed. Adding professional touches to your video has never been quicker.

Record and Add Voiceover

To make your video even more engaging, consider recording and adding a personalized voiceover. InVideo provides an easy way to record audio voiceover directly within the editor.

Simply click the microphone button, allow access to your mic, and start recording. You can record multiple takes and select the best one to place on the video timeline.

The voiceover audio will sync perfectly with your visuals. You can also edit the audio clips, adjust volume levels, and enable noise reduction to make the voiceovers crisp and clear.

This is a great way to narrate your video in your own voice and boost the impact. The recording and editing happens completely within InVideo, removing the need for any external software.

Combine Clips and Edit Timeline

Once you’ve assembled your media on the timeline, InVideo provides powerful editing tools to refine your video:

  • Trim clips – Shorten clips by adjusting their start and end points.
  • Split clips – Slice any clip into two parts at any playhead position.
  • Delete clips – Remove unwanted sections.
  • Re-arrange clips – Click and drag clips to re-order them easily.
  • Adjust timing – Increase/decrease duration of clips, add freeze frames.
  • Add transitions – Insert transitions between clips or images.

You can seamlessly combine, cut and join multiple video clips, images, and audio on InVideo’s intuitive timeline editor to create a professional story flow.

Color Correct Your Video

Proper color correction gives a visually pleasing and professional look to your videos. InVideo provides a full-featured color correction toolkit:

  • Auto adjust – Quickly balance brightness, contrast and saturation with one click.
  • Manual adjust – Fine tune settings like exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast, saturation, temperature.
  • Color filters – Add stylish color filter presets like Dramatic, Vintage, Matte, Pop Art and more.
  • Blending modes – Choose blend modes like Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light to blend visual elements.

You can color correct the overall video or specific clips. Compare before and after previews to get the color and mood just right.

Preview and Export Your Video

Once your video project is complete, the next steps are to preview the final result and export it as a file on your computer.

InVideo’s real-time preview feature lets you play your video within the editor to see how it looks and sounds. Watch the entire video to catch any last tweaks needed.

When ready, click the Export button to download the video. You can export in resolutions up to 4K and various aspect ratios suited for different platforms.

InVideo utilizes rapid AI rendering so your videos export almost instantly. There’s no waiting hours for files to process!

Resize for Social Media

To repurpose your video for different social platforms, InVideo provides handy tools to resize and export versions tailored for each platform.

For example, create:

  • Square 1:1 ratio video for Instagram and Facebook
  • Vertical 9:16 ratio video for TikTok and Stories
  • Wide 16:9 ratio video for YouTube and LinkedIn

Simply enter the specific dimensions required and re-export your entire video in the adjusted size. You don’t have to manually recreate and edit separate versions.

InVideo’s smart cropping and resizing algorithms ensure your vertical, square or wide videos look fantastic playing in each platform.


InVideo’s innovative AI video creator simplifies the entire video production process so anyone can make stunning videos with minimal effort and technical skill.

Hopefully this guide provided a helpful overview of InVideo’s powerful features and how to use them to produce your own compelling videos. The platform’s drag-and-drop interface, huge built-in asset library, intelligent editing tools, and ease of use make InVideo the best AI video editor for both professionals and entrepreneurs getting started with video content.

So unlock your creativity, tell your stories, and engage your audience with high-quality videos using InVideo’s online video maker. Just sign up and start creating today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of videos can I make with InVideo?

With InVideo, you can create all kinds of videos like social media videos, video ads, product demos, explainers, video tutorials, intros/outros, promo videos, slideshows, and more. Both personal and business video needs can be met.

How much does InVideo cost?

InVideo offers a forever free plan that lets you make up to 25 videos per month. Paid plans start from $7.99 per month for unlimited videos and additional capabilities.

Is special software or technical skill needed to use InVideo?

No, you don’t need any design experience, technical skills or software. InVideo’s web-based editor is intuitive and designed for easy video making.

Can I record videos directly in InVideo?

No, InVideo does not support recording videos directly. You will need to first record your raw footage and then upload it to InVideo for editing.

How do I add voiceover to my video?

InVideo provides an integrated voiceover recording tool that allows you to record and add voiceover audio directly in the video editor.

Is there music available to use in videos?

Yes, InVideo offers a royalty-free music library with 100+ tracks and sound effects you can add to videos.

What file formats does InVideo support?

You can import videos (MP4, MOV), images (JPG, PNG, GIF), audio (MP3) and upload almost any file type. Videos can be exported as MP4 files.

How long does it take to export videos?

InVideo utilizes AI to render videos instantly in a matter of seconds, unlike traditional video editors that make you wait hours.

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