How to Use ClipDrop AI to Extract Objects, Text, and More


ClipDrop AI is a revolutionary new app that utilizes artificial intelligence to extract elements from the real world and place them into programs on your desktop computer. With ClipDrop AI, you can easily remove backgrounds, delete text, generate high-resolution images, and more with just a few clicks.

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In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started with ClipDrop AI. We’ll go over signing up for an account, using the various AI-powered tools, clipping images and text, accessing additional features, and tips for getting the most out of this innovative app. Whether you’re a designer, marketer, or casual user looking to elevate your content, ClipDrop AI offers effortless and automatic creative editing powered by AI. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Sign Up for a ClipDrop AI Account

Getting started with ClipDrop AI is quick and easy. Just go to the ClipDrop AI website or download the app on your device – it’s available for both iOS and Android. Once you’ve installed the app or accessed the website, you can sign up for a free account right away.

Registration only requires an email address. Within minutes, you’ll have access to ClipDrop AI’s AI-powered creative tools. While some features are limited with a free account, you can still remove backgrounds, delete text, and more at no cost. Paid subscriptions provide additional capabilities which we’ll cover later in this guide.

Step 2: Select the Tool You Want to Use

After signing up, you’ll be brought to the ClipDrop AI dashboard. Here you can access all the different tools the app offers to enhance your content. These tools utilize artificial intelligence to instantly edit images and documents in ways that would be extremely difficult and time-consuming to do manually.

Some of the key tools available include:

  • Remove Background – Instantly delete image backgrounds
  • Remove Text – Eliminate text from images
  • Enlarge Images – Upscale images while preserving quality
  • Uncrop Photos – Regenerate the cropped parts of images
  • Generate Images – Create realistic AI art and images

To use a tool, simply click on it from the dashboard or main menu. You’ll be brought to that tool’s individual page that contains instructions on how to utilize it. Most tools involve uploading an image or document and letting ClipDrop AI work its magic.

Step 3: Follow the Instructions for the Specific Tool

Each tool on ClipDrop AI has its own simple workflow for enhancing your content with artificial intelligence. Here are step-by-step instructions for using some of the most popular features:

Remove Background

To instantly delete the background from an image:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload the image you want to remove the background from. Accepted formats include JPG, PNG, and more.
  3. ClipDrop AI will automatically detect the foreground object and remove the background.
  4. Download your background-removed image! The HD download is free.

Remove Text

To erase text from images:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload your image containing text.
  3. Adjust the sliders to erase as little or as much text as needed.
  4. Download your text-free image! Removal of text is free.

Enlarge Images

To upscale images while maintaining quality:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload your image.
  3. Select the desired enlargement size.
  4. Download your supersized high-quality image. This feature is included free.

The process is similarly intuitive for every tool ClipDrop AI offers. Their AI handles the heavy lifting while you focus on preparing amazing content!

ClipDrop AI Key Features and Tools

Beyond the steps to use each tool, it’s helpful to understand the full capabilities of ClipDrop AI. Here’s an overview of some of the app’s standout features:

Salient Object Detection

ClipDrop AI uses AI to identify the key objects, people, and textures in images. This allows the app to remove backgrounds cleanly and intelligently. The AI detects complex shapes and edges for professional results.

Text Recognition

Powerful text recognition abilities allow ClipDrop AI to detect words and letters in images. The AI erases text neatly by filling in the background behind the text. This prevents distortion to the surrounding image.

Lossless Image Enlargement

Using AI upscaling, ClipDrop AI can boost image size by up to 6x while maintaining crisp quality. Photos stay sharp and clear instead of becoming pixelated.

Photo Uncropping

With image uncropping, ClipDrop AI can regenerate cropped sections of images. The AI generates realistic approximations of the missing parts of the photo.

Generative AI

ClipDrop AI uses variants of DALL-E and GLIDE to create realistic generated imagery. This allows converting text prompts into high-quality AI art.

Multi-Platform Availability

The app is accessible on the web, iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Syncing allows picking up editing across devices seamlessly.

With these robust AI capabilities, ClipDrop AI provides a versatile toolkit for enhancing all types of content. Both professionals and amateurs can benefit from the app’s automated editing features.

Accessing Additional Features

ClipDrop AI offers a free tier with limited capabilities, as well as paid memberships that unlock full access. Here’s an overview of what’s included with each:

Free Version

With the free ClipDrop AI account, you can:

  • Remove backgrounds from 5 images per month
  • Delete text from unlimited images
  • Enlarge images up to 2x size
  • Access basic photo uncropping

The free version allows you to test ClipDrop AI’s AI tools before upgrading. It’s great for light or infrequent use.

Premium Subscription

For $4.99 per month, you get:

  • Unlimited background removals
  • Unlimited text removal
  • Enlarge images up to 4x size
  • Improved photo uncropping
  • Access additional AI image generation capabilities

This plan is ideal for frequent users who work with visual content. It removes limits for endless creative editing.

Team Plan

For $49.90 per month, you get:

  • Everything in Premium
  • Ability to add team members
  • Administrative controls
  • Priority customer support

The team plan equips creative teams with ClipDrop AI’s full capabilities. It’s designed for collaboration and sharing workflows.

Upgrading unlocks ClipDrop AI’s most advanced features for seamless AI-powered editing. But the free version still provides helpful core utilities!

Tips for Using ClipDrop AI Effectively

Here are some tips and best practices for getting the most value out of ClipDrop AI:

  • Use high-quality source images for best results. The AI works better with larger, clearer images.
  • For removing backgrounds, ensure the subject contrasts clearly from the background. This makes separating the foreground faster and cleaner.
  • When enlarging images, upscale by 2x or less for ideal quality. Larger enlargements can lose detail and sharpness.
  • Try different text removal settings for optimal erasure. Adjust the sliders until text is gone but image isn’t distorted.
  • For uncropping, upload the original uncropped image if possible rather than already cropped versions.
  • Take advantage of generous free limits before paying. Only upgrade once free features no longer meet your needs.

With some experimentation, you’ll quickly master all of ClipDrop’s AI-enhanced editing capabilities. The app makes creating engaging, high-quality visual content incredibly simple.


ClipDrop AI brings the power of artificial intelligence to mainstream image and document editing. With its AI-powered tools, anyone can instantly remove backgrounds, delete text, enlarge images, uncrop photos, and more with just a few clicks.

Whether you’re a social media manager, blogger, designer, educator, student or casual user, ClipDrop AI streamlines creative workflows. It automates tedious and complex editing tasks, allowing you to focus on developing amazing content.

Signing up for ClipDrop AI is fast, easy, and free. Their user-friendly interface makes their advanced AI accessible to everyone. While the free version provides helpful utilities, upgrading to paid plans unlocks unlimited use of all features.

Give ClipDrop AI a try today to save hours of effort improving your images and documents. Its innovative artificial intelligence capabilties will revolutionize your creative process!

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