How to Use FPL AI

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) has exploded in popularity in recent years, with over 9 million players battling it out each season. As the game continues to grow, so too do the tools and resources available to support managers. FPL AI is one of the most useful and innovative bots available to enhance FPL team performance.

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Introduction to FPL AI

FPL AI is a specialized Discord bot packed with features to help FPL managers make better decisions. Developed by Anthropic, it uses natural language processing to provide detailed stats, analysis, and predictions about Premier League players and teams.

With FPL AI, managers can get live bonus points, check the latest injuries, see predicted goal scorers for upcoming matches, and more. The bot aims to help managers gain an analytical edge over their competitors.

Getting Started with FPL AI

Using FPL AI is simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Download the Bot

First, head to the FPL AI website and click “Add to Discord” to download the bot. This will enable you to add it to any Discord server.

2. Join the Support Server

Next, join the FPL AI support server. This is where you can ask questions, get help, and connect with the developer community.

3. Explore the Command List

Once added to your server, you can begin interacting with FPL AI. Type !help to see the full list of commands. The main categories are:

  • Player Commands – Get details on player performance, stats, fixtures etc.
  • Team Commands – See predicted lineups, get team stats, simulate matches.
  • Info Commands – Check injuries, suspensions, live bonus points.
  • Misc Commands – Translate player names, get random facts.

Spend some time browsing all the commands to understand the possibilities with FPL AI.

Key Features and Uses

Now let’s explore some of the most useful features and ways managers can apply FPL AI to enhance their FPL strategy:

Live Bonus Points Tracking

One of the most unique features is the ability to get live bonus points as matches unfold. The !livebonus command displays live BPS for each player and tracks it until final whistle. This helps managers decide captaincy, substitutions, and transfers.

Injury and Suspension Tracking

The !injuries and !suspensions commands provide up-to-date lists of injured and suspended players. This ensures managers can make timely transfers and avoid point deductions.

Fixture Difficulty Tool

The !fdr tool rates the difficulty of upcoming fixtures for every Premier League team on a scale of 1 to 5. This makes it easy to identify good runs of fixtures to target players from those teams.

Expected Goals (xG) and Expected Assists (xA) Metrics

Commands like !xg and !xa display advanced metrics that quantify chance creation. These highlight players getting into good goalscoring positions but failing to convert chances – useful for identifying differential picks.

Team News and Predicted Lineups

Stay on top of team news with the !predictedlineup command. It displays predicted lineups so managers can determine if players are likely to start matches and avoid wasted transfers.

Match Simulations

One of the most fun features is the ability to simulate upcoming matches with the !simulate command. It generates score predictions to help determine which players to target from each team.

FPL Cup Draw Simulations

For cup competitions, it can simulate potential matchups using !simulatecup. This allows managers to preview opponents and tweak their team accordingly.

Rate My Team

Get your entire FPL team rated out of 10 using !ratemyteam. The AI will analyze player composition, upcoming fixtures, and form to provide an overall assessment.

FPL Sandbox

Experiment with unlimited free transfers using the !sandbox feature before making changes to your actual team. It lets you test different strategies without repercussions.

FPL Scout Comparison

See how your team stacks up against the official Scout squad using !scoutcompare. This highlights differentials and helps pinpoint areas your team may be lacking.

FPL Transfer Suggestions

Stuck on who to transfer in? The !transfer command provides data-backed suggestions on players to bring in, analyzing form, fixtures, and value.

Integrating FPL AI With Other Tools

While FPL AI provides a wealth of features itself, it can also be combined with other tools and resources to take your FPL success to the next level. Here are some ideas on how to integrate it into your process:

  • Use FPL review sites like FantasyFootballScout or Always Cheating to get a high-level view of player performance. Then leverage FPL AI for granular stats.
  • Combine FPL AI lineup predictions with Fantrax’s expected points model for greater accuracy in captain picks.
  • Leverage the FPL Android app to make quick substitutions based on FPL AI’s bonus points insights.
  • Use AI prediction sites like Onside to get match odds. Simulate the matches in FPL AI to identify key players.
  • Scrape data from FBRef or Understat to augment insights from FPL AI prior to transfers.

The possibilities are endless. it provides the raw data – pair it with other tools to take your analysis to the next level.

Using AI to Further Enhance FPL

Aside from FPL AI, the world of AI is opening up even more possibilities for next-level FPL analysis and insights. Here are some emerging ways managers are using AI:

FPL Assistant Bots

Apps like Assistant are AI-powered virtual consultants. They use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to digest millions of data points and suggest transfers, captains, and more.

AI Match Prediction

Services like Onside Sports and SciSports are experts at predicting match outcomes using vast datasets and complex models. FPL managers can tap into these for better fixture planning.

Automated Team Analysis

Some tools allow uploading your entire FPL team to be rated algorithmically. They benchmark against past successful teams and suggest improvements to optimize performance.

AI-Generated Content and Analysis

AI copywriting tools can now generate written scout reports, player profiles, and match previews. Managers can tap into these for more insights.

Automated Transfer Suggestions

More FPL platforms are integrating auto suggestions for transfers based on algorithms that account for statistics, metrics, fixtures, price changes and more.

The world of AI is accelerating rapidly. As new techniques and models emerge, expect to see tools that take FPL analysis to new levels of sophistication and personalization.

Final Tips for Using

Here are some final tips to use this effectively:

  • Don’t overlook simple commands – While the complex features are great, simple commands like !next5 fixtures and !goals conceded provide valuable data.
  • Take a targeted approach – Don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of data. Use FPL AI to supplement your existing process and focus on the metrics most relevant to your strategy.
  • Keep up with new features – FPL AI is constantly evolving. Stay updated on new commands so you can maximize the value.
  • Join the community – The Discord server provides support, ideas for integrating FPL AI, and direct access to the developers.


FPL AI provides a wealth of valuable data to give managers an analytical edge. With the right approach, it can enhance decision-making across transfers, captaincy, chip strategy, and more.

Managers should tap into both the extensive built-in feature set as well as combining FPL AI with other platforms. Exciting advancements in AI will open up even more possibilities in the future.

By leveraging FPL AI as part of a systematic process, managers can make data-driven decisions to climb their mini-leagues and boost overall FPL rank. The bot levels the playing field by democratizing access to meaningful insights.

So download FPL AI, explore its capabilities, and integrate it into your weekly workflow. With the right strategies, it can help take your FPL game to the next level.

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