How to Use Uizard Ai?

Uizard is an innovative AI-powered design platform that aims to make UI/UX design more intuitive, collaborative, and accessible. With Uizard’s artificial intelligence capabilities, you can create wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity mockups in a fraction of the time compared to traditional design tools.

This guide will walk you through the key features of Uizard and how to use them effectively to transform your design workflow.

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Getting Started with Uizard

To get started with Uizard, go to and create a free account. Once you log in, you will see the clean and intuitive Uizard editor with various menu options across the top.

To initialize a new design project, click on “Create New Project” on the left. You can choose to:

  • Start from scratch
  • Use one of Uizard’s pre-made templates
  • Generate a design using AI Magic

The AI Magic option is great for quickly ideating and exploring different design directions. Simply enter a text prompt describing your desired app or website, and Uizard’s AI will generate a mockup.

Leveraging Uizard’s AI Capabilities

Uizard was built from the ground up to harness the power of AI to enhance and accelerate the design process. Here are some of the key AI features you should leverage:


This is Uizard’s flagship AI design generator. Enter a text prompt with your requirements, and Autodesigner will create a complete multi-screen app or website design. You can generate multiple variations with a single click and choose your favorite to work on further.

Autodesigner is extremely useful in the early ideation stages of a project when you want to quickly explore different design directions.

Screenshot Converter

If you have an existing design, Uizard can help you recreate it for further editing. Just upload a screenshot, and the AI will convert it into an editable vector format while preserving fonts, colors, and layout accurately.

This enables you to leverage any inspiration while ensuring full editability within Uizard.


Sketching ideas is an integral part of the design thinking process. With Uizard’s wireframing capability, you can instantly convert your hand-drawn sketches into clean, editable wireframes.

Simply take a picture of your sketch, and Uizard’s AI will identify UI elements like buttons, inputs, and menus to recreate it digitally. This tight integration between analog and digital workflows enables designers to think freely.

Text Assistant

Struggling to come up with natural-sounding interface text and microcopy? Uizard’s Text Assistant allows you to describe any UI element, and the AI will generate relevant text alternatives complete with instructions, labels, warnings, and placeholders.

This helps you populate your wireframes and prototypes with realistic content quickly.

Theme Generator

Visual appeal is crucial for any good design. Uizard’s Theme Generator lets you instantly create professional-looking color themes and font pairings by providing an image URL or screenshot.

This makes nailing down branding and styling a breeze compared to manually picking colors and fonts.

Editing Your Design

Once you have generated your initial design with Uizard’s AI tools, you can further refine and polish it using the integrated editor.

Uizard’s editor streamlines working with various components like:

Pages and Artboards: Easily add, duplicate, delete, and rearrange pages/artboards representing different screens.

Widgets: Uizard has a widgets panel with ready-made components like text boxes, buttons, inputs, and more that you can drag-and-drop onto artboards.

Text: Modify text easily by editing content, styles, colors, and typography.

Graphics: Upload images or icons and resize, mask, and transform added graphics intuitively.

Styling: Use the styling panel to customize colors, borders, shadows, and effects. Apply styles across multiple elements.

Layers: Manage elements using the layers panel. Adjust stacking order, grouping, opacity, etc.

Alignment: Align and distribute elements precisely using the alignment options.

Repeat Grids: Create lists and grids and customize repeating elements. Great for prototyping data-dense interfaces.

Interactions: Make your designs interactive by adding transitions, micro-animations, hover effects, tap states, etc.

Uizard’s editor brings simplicity and flexibility to a typically complex process. You can quickly build out well-crafted, refined designs.

Real-Time Collaboration

Design is rarely a solitary process. Uizard enables seamless real-time collaboration so you can work on designs together with colleagues and stakeholders.

To collaborate on a project, click on the “Share” button, enter email addresses, and assign permissions. Collaborators can then join your design session to view and edit the project in real-time.

The integrated comments and annotations system also makes it easy to gather feedback and approvals. No more endless email chains and reviews!

Exporting and Integrations

Once your design is complete, Uizard provides extensive export options to help you take it further:

  • Images: Export screens and artboards as JPG, PNG with transparent background, and SVG.
  • PDF: Generate a PDF report of your design.
  • HTML: Export responsive, interactive HTML prototypes.
  • Code snippets: Get HTML and CSS code for different elements.
  • Zeplin: Sync designs to Zeplin for developer handoff.
  • Figma: Import Figma projects to edit in Uizard and sync back updates.

The integrations with leading tools like Figma and Zeplin enable seamless collaboration between designers and engineers.

Key Benefits of Using Uizard

Let’s recap some of the key benefits of using Uizard to streamline your workflow:

  • AI-assisted design – Leverage AI features like Autodesigner and Screenshot Converter to ideate and design faster.
  • Intuitive editing – Uizard’s editor makes interfacing with components and styles easy.
  • Real-time collaboration – Share projects and get stakeholder feedback in real-time.
  • Design thinking integration – Convert sketches into wireframes to support ideation.
  • Speed and versatility – Create wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity mocks ups with one tool.
  • Developer handoff – Export production-ready assets with Zeplin and code snippet support.
  • Accessibility – Easy to use interface that enables non-designers to create quality designs.


Uizard makes UI/UX design more intuitive, fast, and collaborative through its array of AI capabilities and easy-to-use editor. Within minutes, you can generate multiple design variants, edit and refine your ideas, and export production-ready files.

The AI features like Autodesigner, Screenshot Converter, and Text Assistant augment your creative process so you can ideate and experiment more freely. Real-time collaboration also transforms how teams can work together.

Whether you’re a designer or non-designer, Uizard provides an accessible avenue to create beautiful, functional designs that bring your vision to life. So sign up and see how Uizard can accelerate your next project!

Table 1: Key Features of Uizard

AutodesignerAI-powered design generatorRapidly ideate and explore different visual directions
Screenshot ConverterConverts static mocks into editable designsLeverage inspiration while enabling full editability
WireframingTransforms hand-drawn sketches into digital wireframesTight integration between analog and digital
Text AssistantGenerates natural interface microcopyRapidly populate designs with realistic text
Theme GeneratorAI-created color themes and font pairingsSimplifies styling and creates visual appeal
Integrated EditorIntuitive editing of all design elementsEasily build out refined, polished designs
Real-Time CollaborationLive, multi-user editing and feedbackStreamlined stakeholder reviews and approvals
Export OptionsPNG, PDF, HTML, code snippetsSmooth developer handoff and prototyping

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