How Useful ChatGPT Web Browsing Is

OpenAI’s GPT-4 architecture has introduced a valuable new feature: web browsing. This feature adds to the capabilities of ChatGPT, making it an even more efficient and versatile tool.

The web browsing feature allows GPT-4 to browse the internet, retrieve information, and deliver it in a summarized, user-friendly manner.

This article will walk you through the process of activating this feature and provide you with insightful use cases to highlight its potential. This will show you how ChatGPT with Web Browsing enabled is very useful for SEO, students, travelers, researchers, and everyone.

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How to Enable ChatGPT Web Browsing

The process to start using ChatGPT Web Browsing is simple and straightforward.

  1. If you have a ChatGPT Plus account, navigate to the settings section.
  2. Here, you’ll find the Beta features tab, where you’ll see the web browsing option. Simply click on it to activate it.
  3. Now, when you go to the GPT-4 interface, you’ll see the browsing option, which you can select to start using this new function.

1. Web Content Summarization

The first use case demonstrates the prowess of ChatGPT as an expert researcher and a proficient writer with Web Browsing. For instance, if you need to assess a website and get a comprehensive overview of its content, ChatGPT can deliver an in-depth summary.

To illustrate, let’s say you have to evaluate a website devoted to generative and autonomous AI. You provide the URL to ChatGPT and ask it to provide an in-depth summary of the website. ChatGPT will browse the website, read its content, and deliver a detailed summary, capturing the essence of the site and its offerings. This makes it an excellent tool for content creators who need a quick yet thorough assessment of a particular website’s content.

2. Personalized Event Planning

ChatGPT’s functionality is not limited to professional use cases; it can be a personal assistant too. Suppose you’re a gamer visiting Italy for the weekend and you’re unsure of how to spend your time. You enjoy Italian food, you’re sociable and outgoing, and you’re also single. Enter ChatGPT, your expert research assistant and event planner.

Upon receiving the prompt, ChatGPT starts exploring various options. It looks for gaming events in Italy, the best gaming arcades, and top-rated Italian pizza joints. It even checks for social events specifically catered for singles happening in the city that weekend.

After gathering all this information, ChatGPT comes up with a plan. Your Friday night can be spent at some of Italy’sbest pizzerias. On Saturday, you could visit the top arcades for some gaming fun. In the evening, you could join a local pub crawl to meet and socialize with people. Sunday could be left for more exploration of local pizzerias and arcades or just strolling around the city.

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3. Researching for Blog Posts

Imagine you’re a writer working on an upcoming blog post about AI agents. With ChatGPT Web Browsing, you can instruct the AI to research the latest developments in autonomous AI agents and compile a structured list of notes. Not only that, but it can also brainstorm potential headlines for your blog post, making the process of content creation a whole lot easier.

During a simulated demonstration, ChatGPT started by searching for the latest developments in autonomous AI agents. It clicked on relevant links, navigated through different websites, and extracted useful information, including data about AutoGPT.

From this information, it then produced a structured list of notes and came up with three potential headlines for the blog post. Despite a few minor hitches, it successfully completed the task, showcasing its effectiveness as a research assistant.

4. Financial News Summary

ChatGPT + Web browsing can also serve as a personal finance expert, keeping you updated with the latest finance news. If you’ve had a busy week and missed out on finance news, you can ask ChatGPT to do some research for you and write an easy-to-read, compressed summary of the previous week’s happenings.

In a test, ChatGPT performed a search for the week’s finance updates, visiting reputable finance sites like MarketWatch and compiling the information into a neat summary. The AI model managed to accurately and efficiently summarize key developments, from salary boosts for treasury and finance professionals to the resilience of young house hunters in the face of soaring housing costs.

5. Finding Contact Information

As an expert researcher and networking genius, ChatGPT can assist you in finding contact information for specific entities. For example, if you need the contact details of the top five advertising companies, you can ask ChatGPT to find their email addresses and even write an initial draft for a potential email to these firms.

During a demonstration, ChatGPT successfully found the email addresses of three out of the five top law firms in New York City. It also provided a draft of a potential email you might send if you needed a lawyer for an upcoming copyright case. Although it wasn’t able to find all five email addresses, it was still a significant time-saver.


These use cases demonstrate the potential of ChatGPT’s web browsing capability. Whether it’s researching for a blog post, keeping you updated on finance news, or finding contact information, ChatGPT proves to be a valuable tool in conducting online research, summarizing information, and drafting content. This development in AI technology could dramatically enhance efficiency and productivity in various tasks. As always, with new features comes the opportunity for further improvements and refinements.

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