Synthesia AI: How to Use Synthesia AI to Create Videos from Text?

Video content creation has become a vital part of any brand or business strategy. However, the challenges of time-consuming production, high costs, and the need for linguistic versatility are undeniable. This is where Synthesia AI steps in as an innovative solution to these hurdles. Here, we will explore how Synthesia AI is reshaping the landscape of video content production.

Introducing Synthesia AI: A Pioneering Video Creation Platform

Synthesia AI is a groundbreaking artificial intelligence video creation platform that facilitates the making of interactive videos simply through text input. It allows users to create their own digital avatars for different purposes, from corporate presentations to training videos. You can also use it to give compliments to colleagues in over 120 different languages.

This platform leverages generative AI technology to craft videos, making the entire video production process simple, affordable, and efficient. Users don’t need any peripheral equipment like cameras or microphones, nor do they have to fumble through a myriad of confusing settings. The platform optimizes the entire process to deliver high-quality results.

Synthesia AI has already gained traction among numerous companies for its cost-effective approach to video creation. It’s not just about the savings in terms of time and budget—up to 80%—but also about the capability to create multilingual content at scale. Synthesia AI’s proprietary generative AI is backed by significant funding from major investors, including Nvidia, affirming its potential and relevance in today’s market.

The Magic Behind Synthesia AI: Unpacking the Technology

What sets Synthesia AI apart is its effective integration of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technologies. This combination allows the platform to transform the written text into a dynamic video.

The first step involves the user creating a script that conveys the desired information concisely. This script is then fed into one of the many templates available in Synthesia STUDIO, effectively setting the stage for the video. Users can further refine the output by selecting their preferred AI avatar and customizing the video’s visual aesthetics.

Once the text, voice, and visuals are aligned, Synthesia’s proprietary generative AI takes over. It uses the text and voiceover to generate a video featuring a digital avatar delivering the content. The AI technology imbues the avatar with the nuances of human speech, including tone and inflection, making the video more engaging and realistic.

Getting Started with Synthesia AI: A User-Friendly Experience

Creating a video with Synthesia AI is a simple and intuitive process. Once you sign up for an account on the Synthesia website, you can select a pricing plan tailored to your needs. The platform offers a free demo video to test their AI generator, limited to 200 words. If you’re satisfied with the results, upgrading to a Personal pricing plan or a custom Corporate plan is an option.

After setting up the account and choosing a pricing plan, you’re all set to start creating your video. You can either type in the text directly or upload a script. Customizing your video is straightforward, with choices for language, voice, background, character, and even facial expressions. You can preview your video before finalizing it, and once you’re happy with it, download or share it directly from the Synthesia platform.

How to Use Synthesia AI

The process of utilizing Synthesia AI to generate engaging, AI-powered videos is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward. This step-by-step guide is designed to help new users navigate the platform effortlessly.

Step 1: Creating an Account

Before you can start generating videos, you need to have an active account on the Synthesia AI platform. Begin by visiting the official Synthesia AI website – Follow the registration prompts to sign up and create your account.

Step 2: Selecting the Appropriate Pricing Plan

The next step involves choosing a pricing plan that aligns with your needs and budget. Synthesia AI offers a free demo video for you to test out their AI video generator. This demo is limited to 200 words, but it gives you a feel of what the platform can do. If you’re impressed with the results and want more, you can choose to upgrade to their Personal pricing plan at $30/month. Alternatively, for larger scale needs, you can contact the Synthesia team for a custom Corporate plan.

Step 3: Initiating Video Creation

After successfully registering and selecting a suitable plan, you’re now ready to start creating your video. Here, you have two options: you can either upload a pre-existing script or type in your text directly.

Step 4: Customizing Video Settings

With your text or script in place, it’s time to customize your video settings. You can select your preferred language, choose the voice type, and decide on the video’s background settings.

Step 5: Video Customization

In this stage, you further personalize your video by choosing the character (AI Avatar) you want to use, selecting the environment or setting, and deciding on the avatar’s facial expressions. This step adds a layer of uniqueness to your video.

Step 6: Video Preview

Before you finalize your video, it’s important to preview it. This helps ensure that everything is as you intended and looks good. It also gives you the chance to make any final adjustments or edits before the video is rendered.

Step 7: Download or Share Your Video

Once you’re happy with your video’s preview, you can now finalize it. You can download the video for offline use or share it directly from the Synthesia platform to various social media channels or via email.

Advantages of Using Synthesia AI: Amplifying Your Video Creation Capabilities

To further appreciate Synthesia AI, it’s worth exploring the unique benefits that this video creation platform offers:

  1. AI-Generated Videos: Synthesia AI’s primary draw is its ability to create AI-generated videos. It allows users to customize their digital avatars and deliver presentations, training videos, and personalized messages in over 120 languages.
  2. Ease of Use: One of the standout features of Synthesia AI is its ease of use. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, eliminating the need for complex technical knowledge or equipment.
  3. Cost-Effective Solution: Creating high-quality content across various languages can be a pricey affair. However, Synthesia AI offers a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise quality, saving businesses considerable time and resources.
  4. Business-Oriented: Synthesia AI has already been adopted by numerous companies worldwide. It’s a testament to its efficiency, with businesses reporting up to 80% savings in time and budget.
  5. Substantial Investment: The platform has received significant funding from reputable investors, further cementing its credibility and potential in the video creation market.

How Does Synthesia AI Works?

It’s crucial to understand the workflow within Synthesia AI to utilize it effectively:

  1. Craft a Video Script: The first step involves creating a brief yet comprehensive video script. This text forms the foundation of the video content.
  2. Select a Suitable Template: Synthesia STUDIO offers an array of templates designed to suit various use-cases, making it easier to find one that aligns with your objectives.
  3. Input the Text: With the script and template ready, you can now input the text into the video canvas. This text will form the dialogue for the digital avatar.
  4. Choose an AI Avatar: Synthesia offers a plethora of AI avatars that deliver the content in multiple languages and voices, enhancing the video’s appeal.
  5. Customize Your Video: Adding the finishing touches involves customizing the video’s aesthetics to suit your needs.
  6. Download and Share: Once satisfied with the output, you can download the video for offline use or share it directly from the platform across various social channels.

Pricing Plans: Affordable Video Creation for Everyone

Synthesia AI offers a free demo video that allows users to experience the process of generating a video using just text. But to access the full suite of features and capabilities of the platform, you need to upgrade to one of their affordable plans. Their pricing plans begin at just $30/month for the Personal Plan, making it suitable even for beginners.

The Personal Plan includes 10 video credits per month, allowing users to experiment with the tool and create professional videos without breaking the bank. For organizations with more extensive needs, Synthesia offers a Corporate Plan. The pricing of this plan depends on the specific needs of your organization, providing a tailored solution for businesses of all sizes.

Synthesia AI’s pricing plans are designed to cater to a wide range of users:

  1. Free Demo: This provides a sneak peek into what Synthesia AI offers. Although limited to 200 words, it gives a basic understanding of the platform’s capabilities.
  2. Personal Plan: Starting at $30 per month, the Personal Plan is designed for individual users. It offers 10 video credits per month, making it a cost-effective choice for beginners.
  3. Corporate Plan: This plan is tailor-made to suit an organization’s specific needs, offering a customizable solution for large-scale operations.
  4. Custom Avatar: At $1000 per year, users can create a custom avatar. This unique feature adds a personalized touch to your video content.

Custom Avatars: The Personal Touch

One of Synthesia AI’s most intriguing features is the custom avatar option. For $1000 per year (which requires an annual subscription), users can clone their voice and choose their avatar’s framing. This personalized feature lets you add a unique touch to your video content.

Creating a custom avatar takes about 10 business days from the day you provide the footage, and once completed, it’s deployed to your Synthesia Studio account for exclusive use. This means your custom avatar doesn’t become part of the stock avatars available to all customers, thus maintaining its uniqueness.

Cost Efficiency: A Comparative View

The affordability of Synthesia AI becomes even more evident when compared to traditional video production costs. Hiring a human actor, a film crew, renting a studio, and dealing with scheduling can be expensive and time-consuming.

With Synthesia AI, you can create professional videos starting at just $3 per video, a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Moreover, Synthesia’s AI avatars can deliver content in over 120 languages, a feature not easily achievable with human actors.

When compared to traditional video production methods, Synthesia AI’s cost efficiency becomes evident. Here’s how:

  • Production Costs: Traditional video production involves hiring actors, film crew, and studio space, which can be costly. Synthesia AI eliminates these costs, making video production much more affordable.
  • Linguistic Versatility: Hiring actors to deliver content in multiple languages can be challenging and expensive. In contrast, Synthesia AI enables content creation in over 120 languages, providing an unparalleled linguistic range.

Synthesia AI is more than just a video creation tool. It represents a new era in content production where affordability, efficiency, and linguistic diversity are within reach. Its innovative technology, user-friendly interface, and cost-effective pricing make it an exciting prospect for individual users and businesses. Whether you’re a content creator, a small business owner, or a corporate executive, Synthesia AI has something to offer you in your quest for high-quality, multilingual video content.

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