Top 11 ChatGPT Plugins You Must Use

ChatGPT has truly revolutionized the way we interact with artificial intelligence, and its array of plugins has further broadened its usefulness.

From audio conversion to finding online courses, these plugins can serve a wide range of purposes.

I have listed the top 11 plugins that will elevate your ChatGPT experience, helping you make the most of this powerful tool.

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1. Speechki: Text-to-Audio Conversion

Starting off our list is Speechki, a plugin that transforms written text into audio. This plugin essentially functions as a text-to-speech converter, providing an audio file that you can download. It even includes an embeddable audio player page suitable for different websites and social apps.

To utilize Speechki, you command ChatGPT to convert a text passage into an audio file. The AI will automatically activate the plugin and provide a URL where you can listen to and download the audio. This plugin proves invaluable for creating audio versions of scripts, articles, and more.

2. Voxscript: Transcript and Summary

Voxscript is a versatile plugin that, among other things, can extract YouTube transcripts, giving you the power to generate textual content from video resources. Simply provide the YouTube link, ask ChatGPT for the transcript, and Voxscript generates it for you.

You can also ask ChatGPT to summarize the transcript, providing a concise overview of the video’s content. This plugin is perfect for anyone who wants to digest a lot of video content quickly.

3. Coupert: Master of Deals

Searching for discounts can be time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, Coupert is here to ease that process. This plugin scours the internet for the best deals and discount codes for a variety of products and services.

By simply asking for a coupon for a specific product or service, Coupert will deliver a selection of discount codes. It’s a powerful tool that could save you money on your next online purchase.

4. Webpilot: Article Generation

Webpilot is a powerful tool for those who need to generate articles quickly. By providing a URL, such as a Wikipedia link, ChatGPT, with the help of Webpilot, extracts the information and constructs a well-structured article.

This tool is excellent for educators, content creators, or anyone looking to simplify and streamline their content generation process.

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5. edX: Expanding Knowledge

edX is an excellent tool for those seeking to enhance their knowledge. This plugin can find courses and educational content from leading universities, offering a wealth of learning opportunities right at your fingertips.

After asking ChatGPT for leading courses in a specific field, edX will provide a list of top courses from reputable universities, complete with brief descriptions and links for enrollment. It’s a fantastic tool for anyone interested in self-education and lifelong learning.

6. One Word Domain: Finding Your Online Identity

Coming up with a unique and memorable domain name can be challenging. One Word Domain simplifies this process by allowing you to search for domain name availability directly from ChatGPT.

This plugin searches and compares domain prices across different registries, saving you time and effort. With it, you can efficiently generate business names and check their availability in various formats, like .com or .ai.

7. Wolfram Alpha: Data at Your Fingertips

Arguably one of the most popular ChatGPT plugins, Wolfram Alpha offers access to a wealth of real-time data. This plugin is incredibly versatile, providing information ranging from the current weather to complex mathematical solutions.

It’s a plugin you may want to install first due to its broad usefulness. Whether you’re looking for data for a research project or just curious about the weather, Wolfram Alpha can provide accurate, real-time information.

8. Tasty Recipes: For the Foodie in You

For cooking enthusiasts and food lovers, the Tasty Recipes plugin is an invaluable tool. It integrates the extensive recipe database from the popular social media platform Tasty into ChatGPT, providing access to a wealth of recipe ideas, meal plans, and cooking tips.

By simply asking ChatGPT for a particular recipe, such as meatballs, the Tasty Recipes plugin is triggered and provides you with a curated selection from the Tasty database.

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9. Zapier: Connecting Apps

Zapier is a widely-used platform known for connecting disparate apps, and now, it’s integrated into ChatGPT. This powerful plugin allows you to create workflows and automation by connecting different applications, opening up a world of possibilities for ChatGPT.

It’s a highly versatile tool that you can use to streamline your tasks, whether they involve Google Sheets, email, Salesforce, or many others.

10. Kayak and Expedia: Travel and Accommodation Deals

Kayak and Expedia plugins are excellent resources for travel planning. They can search for the best hotel deals for you, acting as a virtual travel assistant. Once activated, you can ask ChatGPT to find the best hotel deal in a particular city for specific dates, and the respective plugin will search through Kayak or Expedia for the most affordable and suitable options. The plugin provides easy-to-follow links where you can proceed to book your chosen deal.

11. Diagram It: Visual Representation

As a bonus, Diagram It plugin is worth a mention. This plugin creates diagrams based on your request, providing a visual representation of complex concepts, such as the evolution of AI.

It’s an excellent tool for educators and learners, enhancing comprehension and facilitating more effective communication.

These plugins significantly enhance the versatility and utility of ChatGPT, making it an even more powerful tool in a variety of fields. By exploring and integrating these plugins, you can customize your ChatGPT experience to better suit your specific needs.

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