Trending ai yearbook: Vintage Photos Made Possible with AI


A new trending ai yearbook has emerged on social media in recent weeks that allows users to create vintage-looking yearbook photos using artificial intelligence (AI). Known as the “trending ai yearbook” this viral phenomenon is taking over platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Users are sharing their AI-generated old school photos along with the hashtag #AIYearbook.

The AI yearbook photos resemble authentic vintage high school or college yearbook photos from the 1970s, 80s, or 90s. However, they are being created in 2022-2023 using AI photo editing apps. The results are nostalgic throwback pictures that look like they came straight out of an old yearbook.

So how are people creating these AI vintage photos? What apps are they using and how do these apps work? This article will explore the AI yearbook trend, looking at how it started, popular apps people are using, and why it has gone viral.

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The Origins of the Trend

The AI yearbook trend appears to have started in mid-2022 on TikTok. Influencers and creators began experimenting with AI photo editors that could transform modern portraits into retro-style photos. Early adopters gained traction, with the #AIYearbook hashtag steadily picking up steam in August and September 2022.

By October 2022, the trend had blown up, with Google searches for “AI yearbook trend” spiking. On TikTok, the hashtag had received over 180 million views. Instagram and Twitter also saw high engagement and shares of AI vintage photos using relevant hashtags.

Several factors helped propel the trend into the social media spotlight:

  • Nostalgia appeal: AI photo editing taps into millennials’ and Gen Z’s appreciation for retro aesthetics and pop culture. The vintage style reminds people of school days past.
  • Novelty factor: The technology seems futuristic yet creates photos that look like the past. This juxtaposition intrigued many.
  • Ease of use: User-friendly AI photo editors made it simple for anyone to make their own AI yearbook photo.

As the trend spread, more apps jumped in to offer AI vintage photo filters and editing tools to help users get in on the viral craze.

Top Apps for AI Yearbook Photos

While a few different apps exist, two have emerged as leading choices for easily creating AI-powered vintage yearbook photos:


Epik is currently the most popular app for the AI yearbook trend. The photo editor is available as a free download for iOS and Android. Epik’s standout feature is its Vintage filter, which transforms portraits into authentic-looking 70s, 80s, or 90s yearbook pictures.

The app provides easy step-by-step instructions:

  1. Upload a headshot photo you want to edit.
  2. Access the Vintage filter under Effects.
  3. Adjust options like decade, randomization, tone.
  4. Finalize your photo and save/share.

Additional filters remove blemishes, reshape facial features, and make other cosmetic changes to refine your final AI yearbook photo.


Remini is another photo editor with an Old Photo effect that mimics vintage high school yearbook pics. Available as a free app for iOS and Android, Remini also lets you edit out pimples, age lines, and other perceived “flaws” for that perfect retro senior photo look.

Key steps for using Remini:

  1. Import your chosen headshot.
  2. Click the Effects tab.
  3. Select Old Photo.
  4. Adjust filter intensity as needed.
  5. Erase blemishes if desired.
  6. Save and share your vintage transformation.

Remini provides fewer adjustment options compared to Epik but still yields convincing AI yearbook transformations with just a couple taps.

Why the AI Yearbook Trend Went Viral

It’s clear the AI yearbook trend resonated widely, but what exactly caused it to blow up? Here are the key factors behind its viral fame:

Nostalgia Appeals to Millennials and Gen Z

The vintage photo aesthetic taps powerfully into millennials’ and Gen Z’s nostalgia for the 80s, 90s and Y2K eras. It reminds these demographics of childhood and coming of age in decades past. AI editing evokes nostalgic pop culture vibes in a shareable format.

Novel Tech With Retro Style

The AI yearbook trend represents an intriguing blend of futuristic tech and retro style. It’s novel for people to see today’s advanced AI create photos that look plucked from 30+ years ago. This combo of old and new struck a viral chord.

Customization Satisfies Individuality

Everyone loves feeling like their social media posts express their unique personality. The AI editing options allow for customized tweaks to satisfy self-expression.

Tapping Into Past Selves Offers Catharsis

People enjoyed imagining how their current self would appear in a vintage era setting. It lets them reinvent the past in a playful, cathartic way.

Simple Escapism Through Photos

During trying times like the pandemic, feel-good visual content brought needed escapism and smiles. The AI trend let people escape briefly into light-hearted nostalgia.

Aligns With Y2K Fashion Revival

The AI yearbook vibe complements the simultaneous Y2K fashion comeback among young consumers. It reinforced aesthetic cohesion across social platforms.

Influencers Drove Early Adoption

As with many viral trends, influencers on TikTok and Instagram spurred initial interest in AI vintage photo editing. Their content inspired everyday users to try the apps and effects for themselves.

Key Elements of the Signature AI Yearbook Photo Look

What exactly makes an AI-generated photo look authentically retro yearbook-esque? While results vary by app, the most convincing AI throwback pics contain these key elements:

  • Faded, muted color tones resembling aged photographs
  • Slight graininess or blurring around the edges
  • Neutral or soft graduated background
  • Subtle pop color filters like sepia or washed-out cyan
  • Authentic-looking hair, makeup, and clothing trends of the decade
  • Retouched facial details like smoothed skin
  • Photo printed style from the era
  • Simple retro picture frame graphic (optional)
  • Light lens flare, film burn marks, or darkroom effects

Apps like Epik and Remini leverage AI algorithms to add and fine-tune these details based on the original photo and the filters selected. The more of these stylistic elements included, the more convincing the final AI yearbook recreation.

H2: Step-By-Step Guide to Making AI Yearbook Photos

Ready to make your own AI-powered throwback photo? Follow these simple steps:

1. Choose an App

As outlined earlier, Epik and Remini are top choices for seamless AI yearbook transformations. Download whichever app appeals to you.

2. Pick an Original Photo

Select a recent portrait photo of just yourself that works well for a yearbook headshot crop and style. Clear photos with good lighting tend to produce the best results.

3. Apply Vintage Filter

In your chosen app, access the vintage photo filter. This is called Vintage in Epik and Old Photo in Remini.

4. Customize Your Photo

Tweak filter intensity and any other editing options to achieve your desired retro look. Consider playing with color tone, graininess, background, etc.

5. Erase Imperfections (Optional)

Use the app’s touch up tools to gently erase or reshape any facial features, wrinkles, pimples etc. that you don’t want showing in your final image.

6. Save and Share!

When you’re happy with the results, finalize and save your AI creation. Share away on social media or send individual pics to friends. Don’t forget relevant hashtags!

H2: Tips for the Best AI Yearbook Photo Results

Looking for even better outcomes from your AI-edited vintage photo? Keep these pro tips in mind:

  • Use a high-res original photo for maximum image quality. The apps’ algorithms will have more data to work with.
  • Take your original photo in good, bright lighting. Dark, grainy pics won’t yield as convincing of a transformation.
  • Capture your photo with a plain, solid color background. Busy backdrops compete with you as the subject.
  • Wear neutrals and avoid bold prints. Timeless solids help sell the vintage aesthetic.
  • Opt for simple, era-appropriate hairstyles and minimal makeup. Let the app handle adding any era-specific touches.
  • Make small adjustments to filter intensity, color tone, etc. and compare results. Don’t over-filter.
  • Be sparing with retouch tools. You want character, not plastic perfection.
  • Add fun text captions to share the imagined backstory behind your AI creation! Get creative.
  • Show off your whole edited collection or do viral challenges like #glowupAIyearbook.

H2: AI Yearbook Photo Ideas, Trends and Challenges

The creativity of the AI yearbook trend keeps it fresh, fun and flexible. People continually come up with new ideas, trends and challenges putting unique spins on the viral craze:

Family AI Yearbook Photos

Generate vintage high school photos for your parents or grandparents based on their old portraits. Create some for yourself, siblings, aunts/uncles etc. Imagine how your whole family would look rocking 70s-90s styles!

Pet AI Yearbook Photos

Use pet selfies as the base to create hilariously convincing AI-edited yearbook pics for your furry friends. A cute idea that many pet owners have loved trying.

Celebrity AI Yearbook Photo Edits

Apply the vintage photo filter to pictures of your favorite actors, musicians, or historical figures. Have fun imagining celebrities’ high school portraits. Share your AI edits!

AI Yearbook Photo Compliments

Write a nice little message on an AI yearbook photo like it’s signing someone’s actual keepsake. Uplift friends with sentiments like “You look great! Stay awesome. Have a nice summer!”

Glow Up AI Yearbook Challenge

This idea has users share side-by-side comparisons of an awkward real childhood photo next to their AI-enhanced version looking slick and stylish. It showcases an epic vintage makeover glow up!

Movie Character AI Yearbook Edits

Pop culture fans have enjoyed using movie screenshots to create AI yearbook pics of favorite fictional characters. Unique crossover fun!


The AI yearbook trend has undeniably made a major splash in the world of social media and photography. Though often associated with teens, it appeals to a wide audience through its nostalgic fun. And the tech powering it will only get more sophisticated.

While simply a lighthearted form of entertainment, the trend also demonstrates the increasing capabilities of AI and machine learning. In mere seconds, neural networks can analyze portrait photos and produce transformed images that are stunningly realistic and customized.

Looking ahead, advanced AI photo editing may have more serious applications like aging and forensic facial reconstructions. But for now, it’s bringing some time-traveling joy to everyday users and taking social media by storm.

So if you haven’t already, open that app and see your selfie instantly turned into a blast-from-the-past senior photo. Get creative with customizable filters to imagine yourself in the decade of your choice. Then post your vintage AI photo creation and watch the likes roll in. Just remember – don’t get too radical with that teased hair or blue eyeshadow!


Q: What is the AI Yearbook trend?

A: The AI Yearbook trend involves using AI photo editing apps like Epik and Remini to create vintage-style senior portrait photos resembling retro yearbook pics from the 70s, 80s, or 90s.

Q: When and where did the AI Yearbook trend start?

A: The trend emerged in mid-2022, originating on TikTok before spreading widely across social platforms like Instagram and Twitter. It went viral thanks to nostalgia appeal and ease of use with AI photo editors.

Q: What makes the AI-generated photos look convincingly retro?

A: Details like faded tones, graininess, neutral backgrounds, era-specific styling, and printed photo effects make AI Yearbook photos look authentically vintage. The apps’ algorithms fine-tune these elements.

Q: What apps are most popular for making AI Yearbook photos?

A: Epik and Remini are the top choices right now, with user-friendly vintage filters that transform portraits into throwback senior picture styles. Both are free smartphone apps.

Q: What are some fun ideas and trends within the AI Yearbook craze?

A: Ideas like family photos, pet photos, celeb lookalikes, glow-up challenges, movie character edits, and signed messages keep the trend fresh and engaging on social media.

Q: Is any special skill needed to create AI Yearbook photos?

A: Not at all! The apps are designed to be easy for anyone to use. You simply take a good selfie and let the vintage filters work their AI magic. Minimal photography or editing ability required.

Q: How can I share my own AI Yearbook creation?

A: Export your finished edited photo from the app, then upload/share on social media with relevant hashtags. You can also text individual pics to friends directly.

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