What Are The Best Alternative to Topaz AI?

Topaz AI is a popular photo editing software that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide powerful editing capabilities like image upscaling, image sharpening, and noise reduction. However, Topaz AI comes with a premium price tag that may not suit every photographer’s budget. Fortunately, there are several alternatives that offer similar functionalities at more affordable pricing. This article will explore the top alternatives to Topaz AI for photo enhancement and editing.

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Overview of Topaz AI

Topaz AI is photo editing software built on artificial intelligence algorithms to automate and enhance image processing. Some of the key features of Topaz AI include:

  • Gigapixel AI – Uses AI to enlarge photos up to 600% while preserving details and sharpness. This helps create large printable photos from smaller images.
  • Sharpen AI – Intelligently sharpens images by detecting edges while suppressing noise and artifacts. This brings out details in an image.
  • JPEG to RAW AI – Converts JPEG images to RAW format to recover data and dramatically enhance image quality.
  • DeNoise AI – Removes noise and grain from photos while restoring details. Useful for low-light photos.
  • Mask AI – Automatically creates high-quality masks and selections to isolate elements in a photo.

While Topaz AI produces excellent results, it comes at a high price point of $99 for a single program or $199 for the complete bundle. The specialized AI algorithms also require high processing power. Let’s look at some cheaper and easier to use alternatives.

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is likely the most popular photo management and editing software. It provides professional-level color grading tools along with AI-powered features through Adobe Sensei.

Key Features:

  • Imports and organizes photos
  • Applies granular edits to light, color, textures
  • Leverages AI for auto tone adjustment
  • Advanced healing and adjustment brushes
  • Batch editing tools
  • Image sharpening and noise reduction
  • Integrates with Photoshop

Lightroom delivers many of the critical photo enhancement tools that are available in Topaz AI. The noise reduction and sharpening may not be as advanced, but Lightroom provides a complete workflow solution for photographers. It starts at $9.99 per month as part of Adobe’s photography bundle.

2. Luminar AI

Luminar AI is a creative-focused photo editor powered by artificial intelligence. It features several AI-enabled tools and templates to give photos a unique stylized look.

Key Features:

  • AI Sky Replacement – Replace skies in one click
  • AI Structure – Enhance detail and textures
  • AI Skin & Portrait Enhancer – Improve facial features
  • AI Bushes & Foliage Enhancer – Add depth to landscapes
  • Over 70 AI Templates – Stylize images instantly
  • RAW Develop Tools – Adjust tone, color, contrast
  • Layer Support – Blend adjustments
  • Noise Reduction & Sharpening

Luminar AI excels at creative photo enhancement and unique effects. While it may not offer the same level of control for precision editing, its AI tools automate complex processes like sky replacement. At $79 for a perpetual license, Luminar AI provides good value.

3. Nero AI Photo Upscaler

Nero AI Photo Upscaler is a free online tool that uses AI to enlarge images up to 4x in resolution while preserving image quality. It’s easy to use and achieves good results for its price.

Key Features:

  • 4x upscaling of image resolution
  • Preserves details and sharpness
  • Free to use with watermark
  • Up to 15MB per image for free account
  • Remove watermark through paid plans
  • Web app requires no installation

For anyone looking to upscale image for large prints, Nero AI provides that functionality for free. There are limits on image size and it adds a watermark. But it’s a great basic AI upscaler accessible through any web browser.

4. AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

AVCLabs PhotoPro AI takes a unique approach by automatically upscaling images to multiple sizes up to 400% using AI. This allows batch upscaling photos for different print sizes and uses.

Key Features:

  • Automatic 200%, 300%, and 400% upscaling
  • Crop and enlarge specific areas
  • Tone mapping for HDR effects
  • Noise reduction
  • RAW and JPEG support
  • Batch processing
  • Windows and Mac compatible

At $39.99, PhotoPro AI provides an affordable way to upscale a large library of images to varying sizes. The intelligent cropping and tone mapping also help enhance images. It lacks more advanced features but is easy to use.

5. Remini

Remini is a specialized AI photo enhancement app focused on restoring old and low-quality images. Using deep learning algorithms, it can restore faded colors, add lost details, and remove blemishes or damage.

Key Features:

  • Photo restoration for old, blurry pictures
  • Enhances resolution and quality
  • Colorize black and white photos
  • Create realistic face photos from paintings
  • Available for mobile and desktop
  • Freemium model with paid subscriptions

Remini is perfect for breathing new life into old photos using the power of AI. The free version adds watermarks while paid plans provide additional features. At $3.99/$11.99 per month for mobile/desktop, Remini provides excellent value.

6. HitPaw Photo Enhancer

HitPaw Photo Enhancer is an AI-enabled software for Windows and Mac that provides a variety of photo restoration and enhancement capabilities. It has a streamlined interface making the tools easy to apply.

Key Features:

  • One-click image upscaling
  • Noise reduction
  • Auto enhancement adjusts brightness, contrast, saturation
  • Correct skewed photos
  • Batch processing
  • Photos and video enhancement
  • $39.95 standalone payment

For users that want a simple AI-powered solution for key adjustments like upscaling, noise removal, and corrections, HitPaw Photo Enhancer is a good option. It is affordably priced for perpetual use and easy to use.

Criteria for Comparison

To summarize, here are some key criteria to compare the Topaz AI alternatives:

  • Cost – Affordable pricing tiers and options
  • Image Upscaling – AI-enhanced image enlargement
  • Noise Reduction – Removing grain and noise from photos
  • Sharpening – Intelligently sharpening and enhancing image clarity
  • Creative Tools – Artistic filters, effects, templates
  • Photo Restoration – Repairing and enhancing old, blurry, or damaged photos
  • Productivity – Batch processing, automatic adjustments
  • Learning Curve – User friendly interface


While Topaz AI is a robust software for AI-powered photo enhancement, alternatives like Luminar AI, Adobe Lightroom, and Nero AI Upscaler provide similar capabilities at lower price points.

The choice comes down to your specific needs. Lightroom is great for an integrated photography workflow. Luminar AI offers unique creative effects. Nero AI provides free basic upscaling. Remini specializes in photo restoration.

Consider which features are most important for your photo editing needs and try some of the free trials before committing to paid software. The AI photo enhancement space has many options beyond Topaz AI worth exploring.


  • Topaz AI utilizes AI for upscaling, noise reduction, sharpening but costs $99-$199
  • Adobe Lightroom provides pro-level color grading and RAW developing tools starting at $9.99 per month
  • Luminar AI focuses on creative photo editing with AI filters, skies replacement, and portrait enhancement at $79
  • Nero AI Photo Upscaler has free basic 4x AI upscaling limited to 15MB per image
  • AVCLabs PhotoPro AI automatically upscales photos 200-400% for $39.99
  • Remini restores and enhances old and low-quality images through AI starting at $3.99 per month
  • HitPaw Photo Enhancer applies AI adjustments like upscaling, noise removal, and corrections for $39.95

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