What Are the Best Pictory AI alternative?


(Pictory AI alternative)Videos are becoming an increasingly popular and effective way for businesses to connect with customers. High-quality, well-produced videos can capture attention, explain complex topics, and drive engagement better than almost any other type of content.

However, creating great videos requires time, skill, and often a considerable budget. This is where AI video creation platforms like Pictory come in. Pictory uses artificial intelligence to transform scripts and outlines into full-fledged videos quickly and easily. But Pictory is not the only option out there.

In this article, we will look at 15 top alternatives to Pictory for AI-powered video creation. Whether you need animated explainer videos, interviews, tutorials, or more, these tools provide innovative ways to develop professional videos without excessive effort or costs.

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Overview of Pictory

Before diving into the alternatives, let’s briefly overview Pictory itself. Pictory is a relatively new platform, founded in 2021, that utilizes AI to turn text into full animated videos. Users simply type or paste their script, choose a voice and animation style, and Pictory’s tech handles the rest.

Some of the key features include:

  • AI video generator
  • Customizable templates
  • Library of background music and SFX
  • Male and female voice options
  • Animation styles for business, marketing, eLearning, and more
  • Collaborative editing features
  • Ability to download HD videos

While Pictory makes video creation accessible, its template and style options are still somewhat limited. Next, we’ll cover 15 platforms that match or surpass Pictory’s capabilities in different ways.

1. InVideo

InVideo is one of the top competitors to Pictory. Like Pictory, it provides an AI video maker that can turn text scripts into animated videos.

InVideo stands out for its massive library of over 1 million video templates. It has specific categories for explainer videos, promo videos, educational videos, social media videos, and more. Beyond picking a template, users can customize everything including fonts, colors, animations, and music.

Other key features include:

  • Options for human and AI-generated voices
  • Ability to insert your own video clips
  • Tools for collaborating on videos
  • Support for subtitles and captions
  • Stock media library with over 2 million images, video clips, and audio tracks

InVideo works on a freemium model where pricing starts at $10 per month for basic features. It’s an excellent choice for DIY video creators who want top-notch templates.

2. LUMA1

LUMA1 markets itself as an “AI-powered video studio”. Using a script or mere bullet points, it can craft full videos including voices, visuals, and music suited to your brand.

The platform generates videos rapidly using a mixture of AI algorithms and human creativity. The videos are produced by a hand-picked team of video pros according to your precise needs.

Standout features of LUMA1 include:

  • Very fast turnaround, usually within a day
  • Completely customized videos
  • Human-led production with AI assistance
  • Option for drafts and unlimited revisions
  • Videos tailored for platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok

LUMA1 is a great pick if you want professional, personalized videos without handling the details yourself. Pricing starts at $59 per month for 5 videos.

3. Renderforest

Renderforest stands out for the enormous selection of templates it offers—over 19,000 video templates and over 4 million stock media assets. Template categories span promo videos, explainer and marketing videos, slideshows, intros, and more.

Beyond templates, key features include:

  • AI video maker turns text into videos
  • Ability to fully customize template videos
  • Clipmaker helps build videos from your own clips
  • Tools for adding animations, stickers, text, filters, and transitions
  • Music library with 1000+ tracks and sound effects
  • Studio pricing starts at $9 per month

For marketers and businesses seeking variety and customization for videos, Renderforest is a top contender to Pictory.

4. Loom

While many of tools on this list focus on editing and automation, Loom offers a simplified approach to video creation. It’s a video recorder that makes it easy to capture your screen and webcam simultaneously.

Loom is ideal for quickly recording video tutorials, walkthroughs, feedback, and personalized messages. Key features consist of:

  • HD recording of your screen, face, and voice
  • Editing tools to crop, trim, annotate, and more
  • Collaboration features like commenting
  • Ability to share videos privately or publish them
  • Chrome extension for easy screen capturing
  • Basic free plan and Pro plan starting at $10 per month

For quick videos showcasing your screen, Loom is one of the easiest and most affordable options out there.

5. HumanPal

HumanPal is another AI-powered video creation platform much like Pictory. You simply enter your script, choose a voice and visual style, and the AI will synthesize them into a video. Videos can be generated in hours using advanced natural language processing.

Here are some key strengths:

  • 20+ natural-sounding voice options
  • 10,000+ art styles for professional animations
  • Background music library with 1000+ tracks
  • Collaborators can review and provide feedback
  • Videos downloadable in up to 4K resolution

Prices start at $9.99 for generating up to 5 minutes of video. For producing a range of marketing and explainer content, HumanPal is worth considering.

6. Toons.ai

Toons.ai provides a video creation program centered around an AI digital presenter. Using text-to-speech and AI generated animations, it creates videos featuring lifelike animated human presenters.

Key features include:

  • Options for different AI human presenters and voices
  • Customizable scenes, backgrounds, animations
  • Tools for adding other visuals, logos, text, and more
  • Head tracking creates natural motions and expressions
  • Ability to lip sync the voice track
  • Videos downloadable in up to 4K resolution

Pricing is on a pay-per-word basis starting at $0.01 per word. Toons.ai provides a unique way to develop videos that connect with viewers.

7. iMovie

iMovie is a video editing app developed by Apple for Mac and iOS. It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for combining video clips, photos, music, text, and more into polished videos.

Key iMovie features include:

  • Range of themes and templates for popular video styles
  • Tools for slicing clips and arranging them on the timeline
  • Options to add titles, music, filters, and effects
  • Simple controls for adjusting color, brightness, stabilization, and more
  • Direct sharing to YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms
  • Comes included free on Apple devices

While not AI-powered, iMovie is a user-friendly option for DIY video creators, ideal for shorter marketing, tutorial, and presentation videos.

8. CreateStudio

Renderforest’s CreateStudio provides a dashboard interface that makes video creation efficient. It focuses on simplifying the process for building promotional, marketing, and explainer content.

Notable features include:

  • Categorized library of over 15,000 video templates
  • AI speech converter to transform text into natural voice-overs
  • Over 2 million stock media assets (photos, clips, music)
  • Animated elements, logos, captions, and icons
  • Tools to edit colors, fonts, pacing, animations, and more
  • Collaborative workflow and review capabilities
  • Pricing starts at $7.99 per month

For businesses regularly producing videos, CreateStudio is worth considering for its templates and collaborative tools.

9. Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi offers a user-friendly video editor for Windows and Mac. It provides a good balance of editing tools and automation features. Users can quickly build videos from media clips, apply effects, insert animated elements, and more.

Standout features include:

  • 1,500+ effects and filters for instantly enhancing footage
  • Animated stickers, titles, callouts, and transitions
  • AI video and audio tools like background removal
  • Collection of customizable animated characters
  • Built-in media library with background music and stock video
  • Screens and webcam recording capabilities
  • Pricing from $79 for lifetime personal use

For DIY video creators looking for an accessible desktop editing tool with templates and automation, Movavi is a leading choice.

10. Synthesia

Synthesia is a platform providing AI video generation capabilities tailored to corporate training. It creates training videos using AI-generated avatars that accurately synthesize speech and lifelike motions.

Key features consist of:

  • Text-to-video with AI avatars as presenters
  • Avatar customization to match company and tone
  • Speech synthesis from text generates scripts
  • Natural motions and expressions during delivery
  • Animated backgrounds, graphics, and B-roll
  • Analytics on viewer engagement
  • Enterprise pricing plans

Synthesia is a highly-specialized tool suitable for organizations creating training and internal communications videos at scale.

11. Canva

Canva provides a popular graphic design platform that also includes easy-to-use video creation capabilities. It offers a library of templates and stock media you can customize into a wide range of videos.

Notable features include:

  • Templates for YouTube thumbnails, promos, tutorials, and more
  • Stock photos, video clips, and illustrations
  • Animation tools for applying motion to elements
  • Typesetting features for attractive text overlay
  • Ability to use your own media assets
  • Collaborative editing in real-time
  • Free plan available and paid plans starting at $12.99 per month

The simplicity and collaboration features make Canva a great entry-level option for DIY video creators of all skill levels.

12. Descript

Descript focuses on making video and audio editing more efficient. It’s centered around an intuitive timeline interface complete with automation features powered by AI.

Key capabilities include:

  • Audio editing tools like noise cancellation
  • AI transcription of audio and realignment of audio or video
  • Text editor to refine transcripts and add timestamps
  • Options to autotune vocals and synthesize text into voiceover
  • Collaborative sharing and commenting
  • Plans from $12 per month for individuals

For podcasters, vloggers, field teams, and other content creators, Descript can save huge amounts of editing time.

13. Fliki

Fliki provides a unique approach to video creation centered around reusable content modules. Users build videos by combining flexible templates, scenes, and components.

Notable features:

  • Modular template library for intro, outro, shots, graphics, and more
  • Custom branding and assets can be integrated
  • Pacing controls to easily rearrange and trim clips
  • Collaborative workflows supported
  • Analytics on audience engagement
  • Plans range from $49 to $199 per month

The modular approach makes Fliki stand out for teams that create multiple videos with consistent branding and messaging.

14. Vimeo

Vimeo focuses primarily on video hosting, but also includes editing and creation capabilities suitable for businesses. Users can create videos from scratch or use stock content.

Key features include:

  • Over 900,000 high-quality stock videos and templates
  • Integrated editing tools for video, audio, text, animation, and more
  • Detailed controls for color, lighting, pacing, layout, and exporting
  • Review tools and project libraries for managing workflows
  • Plans range from $7 to $75 per month

Vimeo is ideal if you want an integrated platform for crafting videos and hosting them.

15. Animaker

Animaker provides a cloud-based tool for producing animated videos. It’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to combine pre-crafted animations, templates, media, and more.

Notable capabilities:

  • 6000+ animated characters available
  • Tools to convert text into animated scenes
  • Customize behaviors, expressions, motions, and voice-overs
  • 600+ templates for business, marketing, education, and more
  • Real-time collaboration with team members
  • Plans start at $9 per month

Animaker excels for companies that want to produce lightweight animated videos without advanced skills.

Key Considerations for Selecting a Pictory Alternative

With the top options covered, what should you consider when choosing a video creation platform? Here are some key criteria:

Features – Look for tools with the specific functionality you need, whether it’s templates, stock media, collaboration, built-in assets, or analytics.

Use Case – Match the tool capabilities to your goals and audience – promotional videos, tutorials, training, etc.

Ease of Use – Evaluate the learning curve to use the platform proficiently based on your current skills.

Output Quality – Review sample videos to assess if their quality matches your standards.

Turnaround Time – Factor in whether you need videos turned around rapidly or on an ongoing basis.

Budget – Pricing structures vary widely, so choose a provider aligned with your resources.

Support – Check documentation and reviews to gauge the responsiveness of customer support.

By carefully weighing these criteria, you can select a platform that aligns with your video creation needs and preferences.


Creating compelling, effective videos for your business doesn’t have to be a slow, manual, expensive process thanks to AI-powered tools like Pictory. Pictory makes it simple to produce professional videos from text in just minutes.

However, as this article covered, you have plenty of alternatives to choose from as well. SaaS platforms like InVideo, LUMA1, and Synthesia also harness AI to accelerate video creation in different ways. More lightweight options like Loom and iMovie enable easy content capture and editing. And descriptive tools like Canva and Animaker allow you to customize videos yourself using templates, stock assets, and tools.

Considering your specific use cases and resources, evaluating the options covered here can help you find the best platform to create videos that engage your audience and drive results for your business. The AI-video revolution is making professional production more accessible than ever.

Table comparing key features of top Pictory alternatives

PlatformUse CaseKey FeaturesPricing
PictoryMarketing, promos, tutorialsAI video generator, templates, collaboration$9.99/month basic
InVideoMarketing, promos, ads1M+ templates, massive stock media library$10/month basic
LUMA1Promos, brandingCustom production, quick turnaround, unlimited revisions$59/month 5 videos
RenderforestMarketing, promos19,000+ templates, 4M+ stock assets, clipmaker$9/month basic
LoomTutorials, video messagingScreen and webcam recorder, collaboration toolsFree to $10/month
HumanPalExplainer videos, training20+ voices and styles, feedback tools$9.99 for up to 5 minutes
Toons.aiMarketing, trainingAI presenters, lip sync, lifelike motions$0.01 per word
iMoviePromos, tutorialsMobile editing app, themes, templatesFree with Apple devices
CreateStudioMarketing, promos15,000+ templates, collaboration tools$7.99/month
MovaviPromos, tutorials1,500+ effects, automated tools$79 one-time
SynthesiaCorporate trainingAI avatars, automated video generationEnterprise pricing
CanvaPromos, tutorials, graphicsTemplates, stock assets, real-time collaborationFree to $12.99/month
DescriptPodcasts, vlogsAudio editing and transcription tools$12/month basic
FlikiPromos, brandingModular templates and components$49 to $199/month
VimeoAll-in-one video platformStock assets, integrated editing tools$7 to $75/month
AnimakerMarketing, eLearning6000+ animated characters, templates$9/month basic

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