What Are Use Cases of ChatGPT Code Interpreter: The Future of AI-Powered Analysis

In recent years, we’ve witnessed extraordinary strides in the field of AI, with OpenAI’s ChatGPT taking center stage. The AI community is abuzz with the latest development, the ChatGPT Code Interpreter plugin. This innovative tool is promising to revolutionize data analysis, visualization, academic research, development projects, and even video editing. Here, I will explore six exciting use cases that have emerged in the few days since the launch of this groundbreaking tool.

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What are ChatGPT plugins and the Code Interpreter?

ChatGPT plugins are essentially third-party interfaces designed to integrate with ChatGPT, enhancing its functionality. They offer a range of capabilities, such as ordering from local grocery stores or booking restaurants right from within the ChatGPT experience.

OpenAI has also created a few plugins, one of which is the Code Interpreter. This powerful tool allows you to upload a data set and then have ChatGPT generate analysis or visualization based on the data. This ability to produce visualizations marks a significant advancement in the capabilities of AI.

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Unleashing the Potential of Code Interpreter: Six Exciting Use Cases

1. Data Visualization and Analysis

One of the most exciting applications of the Code Interpreter is in the realm of data visualization and analysis. For instance, a user uploaded a CSV file of San Francisco crime data and asked ChatGPT to visualize trends. The tool was not only able to plot the number of incidents per month over time and identify crime hotspots but also suggested potential analyses and visualizations the user could undertake, such as hourly crime trends and crime category comparisons.

2. Academic Research Support

The Code Interpreter is also poised to transform academic research. One professor from Wharton School used the plugin to analyze census data and generate hypotheses about industries and metropolitan areas. The tool was even able to put the analyses into a paper format, complete with supporting visualizations. Although it’s not yet publishing-level quality, the potential for automated academic publishing is a prospect that’s both thrilling and daunting.

3. Development Projects Support

Developers have also found the Code Interpreter invaluable in their work. For instance, the tool can extract colors from an image to create a color palette. This ability simplifies the process of choosing colors for design projects, allowing developers to focus more on the coding aspects.

4. Fun and Interesting Visualizations

The Code Interpreter isn’t all work and no play. Users have successfully used it to generate fun and interesting visualizations, such as a twinkling map of all U.S. lighthouse locations, or the classic Matrix falling letters gif.

5. Basic Video Editing

Surprisingly, the Code Interpreter can also perform basic video editing tasks. Users have successfully converted gifs into longer MP4s with dramatic slow zoom-ins, demonstrating the tool’s potential in multimedia editing and production.

6. Business Strategy Formation

Perhaps one of the most intriguing applications of the Code Interpreter is in business strategy formation. The tool was used to analyze music market revenues in various countries, and based on the clusters formed, it was able to generate catchy names and propose unique strategies for companies looking to grow in each segment.


The launch of ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter plugin marks a significant milestone in AI development. The ability to analyze data, generate visualizations, support research, assist in development projects, and even form business strategies demonstrates the tool’s vast potential. As more users explore its capabilities, we can expect a veritable explosion of innovative uses, fundamentally transforming how we approach data analysis and visualization. The future of AI-powered analysis is indeed bright and exciting.

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