What Is Fireflies AI?


Fireflies AI are an integral part of any organization. They enable collaboration, ideation, and progress tracking. However, meetings can also be time-consuming, unproductive, and tedious if not managed properly. This is where AI-powered virtual assistants like Fireflies.ai come into the picture.

Fireflies.ai is an AI-based meeting assistant that leverages natural language processing and machine learning to completely transform your meeting experience. This smart virtual assistant takes meeting notes, generates transcripts, surfaces action items, creates summaries, and even completes tasks for you.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how it can help optimize your meetings, boost productivity, save time, and enhance team collaboration.

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Overview of Fireflies.ai

It is an AI-powered virtual meeting assistant created by Austin-based Eight Bits Inc. Founded in 2018, it aims to make meetings more productive using artificial intelligence.

Here are some key things to know about Fireflies.ai:

  • It works with leading video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, UberConference, etc.
  • It uses automatic speech recognition and NLP to generate meeting transcripts in real-time.
  • Key features include meeting transcripts, automatic summaries, action items, search, integrations, and analytics.
  • It captures audio, video, and screen shares to provide rich meeting insights.
  • The virtual assistant can complete tasks like scheduling meetings, tracking action items, etc.
  • It offers easy collaboration capabilities like sharing transcripts, notes, and tasks.
  • Fireflies.ai offers customized solutions for enterprises, including SSO, data control, and enterprise-grade security.
  • It provides easy-to-use admin capabilities to manage users, permissions, and more.

In a nutshell, Fireflies.ai strives to save time, enhance productivity, improve collaboration, and unlock the power of meetings using AI.

Key Features and Benefits

Fireflies.ai comes packed with powerful features to completely optimize your meeting experience. Here are some of its standout capabilities:

Automated Transcription

its offers incredibly fast and accurate voice-to-text transcription. Its automatic speech recognition technology generates meeting transcripts in real-time.

The transcription captures every word, comment, idea, and discussion that transpired during the meeting. You can easily search the transcription and find relevant information.

AI-powered Summarization

Trying to recall all the key discussion points after a long meeting can be tough. Fireflies.ai makes it easy with AI-powered summarization.

It analyzes the conversation and automatically creates summaries highlighting action items, key takeaways, salient points, and next steps after each meeting.

Smart Action Items

Capturing and tracking action items is pivotal for execution and accountability. its uses NLP to detect action items agreed upon during meetings and lists them out conveniently.

You can assign owners to the action items, set due dates, mark completion status, and ensure proper follow-through on tasks.

Powerful Search

Digging through long transcripts to find relevant information can be cumbersome. Fireflies.ai enables powerful search within audio, text, speakers, etc.

You can search across multiple transcripts to find what you need in seconds. This makes information highly discoverable.

Secure Sharing & Collaboration

this makes it simple to securely share meeting artifacts like transcripts, notes, recordings, and action items with stakeholders.

The easy collaboration capabilities ensure everyone is on the same page and streamlines post-meeting follow-ups.

Analytics & Insights

The platform provides insightful analytics based on meeting data like talk time, participation levels, frequently used words, etc.

These analytics offer rich insights to help improve meeting productivity and participation. You can also integrate Fireflies.ai with business intelligence tools.

Flexible Integrations

Fireflies.ai integrates tightly with popular work apps like Slack, Google Workspace, Office 365, Dropbox, Salesforce, and more.

It connects the dots between meetings and execution by routing key information to relevant stakeholders through their everyday tools.

Automated Note-Taking

Taking comprehensive notes during meetings can be challenging. Fireflies.ai eliminates the need for manual note-taking by automatically creating speaker-attributed meeting notes.

These AI-generated notes are clear, concise, and easy to consume post-meeting.

Voice Commands

Fireflies.ai allows you to use voice commands during meetings to automate simple tasks like scheduling upcoming meetings, creating reminders, assigning action items, etc.

This hands-free functionality minimizes distractions and boosts productivity.

Customized Models

The platform offers the ability to train custom speech-to-text models tuned to your company’s lexicon for more accurate transcripts.

It continues learning specific terms over time for even better meeting documentation.

Enterprise-Grade Security

For enterprises, Fireflies.ai provides single sign-on (SSO), enterprise-wide controls, data isolation, role-based access, stringent encryption, and more.

Robust security and compliance capabilities allow regulated industries to adopt Fireflies.ai securely.

As evident, Fireflies.ai is packed with futuristic features to make meetings smarter and more productive. It eliminates many pain points associated with meetings and unlocks the power of AI for teams.

Use Cases

Here are some common use cases where Fireflies.ai can prove highly beneficial:

Sales Meetings

For sales teams, Fireflies.ai creates detailed records of sales calls, demos, prospect meetings, and discovery calls. Sales reps can stay focused on the conversation and revisit transcripts later to recap discussions and pick out insights.

Client Briefings

Agencies and services companies can use Fireflies.ai to capture important client meetings, track follow-ups, extract project requirements, and share transcripts with stakeholders.

Interviews & Recruiting

During interviews, Fireflies.ai can record and transcribe candidate responses and discussions. Recruiters can easily review transcripts later and share with hiring managers.

Training & Lectures

For training sessions and lectures, this provides accurate documentation and transcription for future reference. Participants can search transcripts to recall key learnings.

Conference Calls

Teams that regularly conduct conference calls with remote members find great value in Fireflies.ai for capturing conversations and generating automatic summaries.

Focus Groups

For focus groups research, Fireflies.ai eliminates the need for manual transcription and empowers easy analysis of focus group recordings and discussions.

Legal Proceedings

Paralegals, court reporters, and legal professionals can leverage Fireflies.ai to accurately document depositions, arbitrations, and other legal proceedings.

Board Meetings

For important meetings like board meetings, this creates a searchable record of conversations, decisions, and action items to be referenced later.

Post-meeting Review

With Fireflies.ai, you no longer have to rack your brain post-meetings to recall who said what. Team members can simply review transcripts and summaries.

Compliance & Audits

Heavily regulated teams can use Fireflies.ai’s transcripts and records to simplify compliance audits relating to decisions made during meetings.

The use cases are endless. Any team having meetings for collaboration, decision-making or information sharing can benefit greatly from Fireflies.ai.

How Fireflies.ai Works

Here is a quick 4-step overview of how Fireflies.ai works its magic:

1. Join the Meeting

it quickly joins your meeting just like any other participant through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, or any other platform.

2. Listen & Transcribe

It listens to the meeting conversation via audio/video feeds and generates a real-time transcript using automatic speech recognition.

3. Extract Insights

Next, its AI technology analyzes the transcript and identifies key details, discussion points, action items, and tasks.

4. Share Meeting Artifacts

Finally, it shares the transcript, summary, notes, and action items with meeting participants for seamless collaboration.

The assistant keeps learning along the way with continued use. Over time, it gets even better at recognizing voices, extracting insights, and summarizing salient points through machine learning.

Getting Started with Fireflies.ai

Ready to get started with Fireflies.ai? Here is a quick step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Create Your Account

Go to fireflies.ai and sign up for an account. You can sign up directly with your Google or Microsoft workspace credential.

Step 2: Install the App

Install the Fireflies.ai app on your desktop from the Microsoft Teams App Store, Slack App Directory, or Google Workspace Marketplace.

Step 3: Connect Calendar

Connect Google calendar or Office 365 calendar with Fireflies.ai so it knows your upcoming meetings.

Step 4: Start Using!

Join your next meeting and start using It will automatically join, transcribe, take notes, extract action items, and create summaries.

Step 5: Share & Collaborate

Click share after your meeting to send transcripts, notes, and tasks to other participants and stakeholders in Slack, Teams, or Email.

And that’s it! In just a few minutes you can have it ready to optimize your meetings. The onboarding is quick and seamless.

Plans & Pricing

this offers multiple plans suitable for solopreneurs, small teams, and large enterprises.

Here is an overview of Fireflies.ai’s pricing:

  • Basic – Free plan for individuals with 60 minutes/month of meeting time
  • Pro – $12 per user/month with unlimited meeting time
  • Business – $20 per user/month with advanced admin, controls, and integrations
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing with enterprise SSO, security, reporting, and onboarding support

Volume discounts are available on annual subscriptions. Custom pricing is offered for large deployments. Education and non-profit discounts are also available.

The free Basic plan allows individual users to sample Fireflies.ai’s capabilities. The Pro plan unlocks unlimited meeting time for small teams. The Business plan caters to mid-market companies, while Enterprise supports sophisticated deployments.


In summary, it is an immensely powerful AI virtual assistant that makes meetings smarter, more productive, and more collaborative. It offers a host of capabilities from meeting transcriptions, summaries, and automated note-taking to action items, analytics, and seamless integrations with workplace apps.

With Fireflies.ai, you can optimize meeting workflows, boost productivity, extract key insights faster, ensure follow-through on tasks, and collaborate seamlessly. The AI assistant handles all the tedious meeting-related work like note-taking, transcription, and recap so you can truly focus on the discussion and decisions during meetings.

If your work involves regular meetings for ideation, collaboration, training, or decision-making, it is a must-have productivity booster. The AI assistant can streamline meetings and unshackle you from mundane and manual meeting-related tasks.

So go ahead, sign up for a free trial and unleash the power to enhance your organization’s meeting productivity and collaboration today!

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