What Is Frame AI?


Frame AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered customer intelligence platform designed to understand and optimize business dialog within an organization’s sphere of communications. It leverages natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning algorithms to extract key meaning from customer interactions across various channels like phone calls, chats, emails and more.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth look at Frame AI, how it works, its key capabilities and benefits. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about this innovative customer intelligence solution.

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, delivering exceptional customer service is more important than ever before. However, managing customer interactions across multiple channels can be incredibly complex. Each customer conversation generates valuable data that can provide actionable insights into improving customer satisfaction and business outcomes – if captured and analyzed properly. This is where Frame AI comes in.

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How Frame AI Works

The core technology behind Frame AI is natural language processing (NLP).Uses advanced NLP and machine learning techniques to analyze unstructured text data from customer interactions.

Here is an overview of how it works:

  • Data Ingestion: Customer conversation data from multiple channels like calls, chats, emails etc. is ingested into the platform.
  • Natural Language Processing: Proprietary NLP algorithms extract semantic information by analyzing grammar, sentence structure and context.
  • Entity Extraction: Key entities like people, organizations, locations, dates, products etc. are identified within the conversations.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Tone and emotional sentiment of conversations are evaluated as positive, negative or neutral.
  • Intent Analysis: Machine learning models predict customer intents like complaint, query, appreciation etc.
  • Named Entity Recognition: Brand names, product names and other key terms are detected using domain-specific dictionaries.
  • Custom Signals: allows creating custom NLP signals tailored to an organization’s unique needs.
  • Impact Analysis: Conversations are scored based on different factors to quantify business impact and priority.

By leveraging these NLP and ML capabilities, this is able to extract actionable insights from customer interactions automatically.

Key Capabilities             

Here are some of the key capabilities offered by Frame AI:

Understanding Natural Language

It uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to extract semantic meaning from unstructured conversational data. It can understand complex customer utterances across various languages like English, Spanish, French etc.

Analyzing Sentiment and Intent

The platform analyzes sentiments and intents within customer conversations to classify them as positive, negative or neutral. It also detects specific intents like complaints, refund requests, appreciation etc.

Entity Extraction

Frame AI automatically identifies important entities like people names, locations, organizations, dates, products, brands etc. mentioned within conversations. This provides useful context.

Impact Analysis

Each conversation is scored based on configurable factors to quantify the business impact and priority. Impact scores help identify high value conversations.

Custom Signals

Users can create custom NLP signals tailored to their specific business needs using Frame AI’s easy-to-use interface.

Conversation Summarization

Key details from long conversations are summarized to provide quick overviews. Summaries highlight important discussion points.

Analytics and Reporting

Frame AI provides powerful analytics capabilities to identify trends, correlations and insights. Users can create custom reports and dashboards.


It integrates seamlessly with CRM and support ticketing systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow etc. to connect insights with customer data.

API Access

The platform provides API access to conversation data enabling integration with other systems like BI tools.

By leveraging these capabilities, Frame AI delivers a robust customer intelligence solution suitable for large enterprises as well as mid-size organizations.


Here are some of the key benefits offered by Frame AI:

  • 360 Degree Customer Intelligence – By aggregating and analyzing data from diverse customer conversations, Frame AI builds a holistic understanding of customers.
  • Improved Efficiency – Automated analysis of conversations eliminates tedious manual analysis, improving agent productivity.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience – Insights from Frame AI can be used to tailor customer interactions and improve satisfaction.
  • Identify Revenue Opportunities – Impact analysis helps identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities within conversations.
  • Reduce Churn – Uncover dissatisfaction signals early and proactively engage customers to prevent churn.
  • Faster Issue Resolution – Prioritize support tickets based on potential revenue impact to resolve critical issues faster.
  • Accurate Forecasting – Historical conversation data enables better forecasting of support ticket volume and backlog.
  • Agent Training – Frame AI provides feedback to agents by analyzing past interactions to improve skills.
  • Scalable Solution – Cloud-based AI platform scales to analyze millions of customer conversations.

By delivering these benefits, Frame AI enables organizations to tap into the immense value hidden within customer conversations and interactions.

Frame AI Use Cases

Here are some common use cases where Frame AI delivers high value:

Customer Service Optimization

Provides a holistic analysis of customer service conversations across channels to improve satisfaction, agent efficiency and issue resolution. Insights can be used to update knowledge bases dynamically.

Voice of Customer Analysis

Aggregating Voice of Customer data from surveys, reviews and conversations in one platform enables identifying churn drivers and growth opportunities.

Agent Performance Management

By analyzing past agent interactions, Frame AI provides feedback to improve skills. Gamification elements can motivate agents to achieve performance goals.

Competitive Intelligence

Frame AI can analyze competitor mentions in customer conversations to gain market intelligence and adjust business strategies accordingly.

Campaign Optimization

Sentiment analysis of conversations generated from campaigns helps understand engagement levels and fine tune campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Product Feedback Analysis

Analyzing product feedback shared through customer service channels helps product teams understand pain points and improve user experience.

Customer Journey Analysis

Frames AI can map out entire customer journeys by connecting insights across conversations on different channels over time. Journeys can be optimized.

With its flexible framework, it can deliver value across diverse use cases within an enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Frame AI:

Q: Does Frame AI record and store customer conversations?

A: No,It does not record or store actual conversations. It only ingests and analyzes the text transcripts of conversations. This ensures customer privacy.

Q: What kind of customer conversation data can Frame AI analyze?

A: It can analyze unstructured text data from virtually any customer conversation channel like calls, chats, emails, surveys, social media etc.

Q: Does Frame AI require historical conversation data to work?

A: No, it can start generating insights from day one by analyzing new conversations in real-time. However, historical data allows better training of AI models.

Q: What is the accuracy of Frame AI’s natural language processing algorithms?

A: Frame AI leverages state-of-the-art NLP models like BERT that provide over 90% accuracy in understanding complex customer utterances and meaning.

Q: What integrations does support?

A: It provides seamless integrations with leading CRM platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow and call center solutions like Twilio, Vonage, Avaya etc.

Q: Does Frame AI offer a mobile app for customer service agents?

A: Yes, the Frame Mobile app lets agents access AI-generated insights and recommendations on-the-go to improve productivity.

Q: What kind of deployment options are available?

A: Frame AI is available as a SaaS platform via cloud deployment. On-premise deployment options are also available for specific enterprise needs.

Q: What kind of conversations can analyze in languages other than English?

A: Currently supports major European and Latin American languages including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese etc.


Delivering top-notch customer experiences is critical for business success in today’s ultra-competitive landscape. But unlocking transformative customer intelligence from huge volumes of conversation data is challenging without AI. This is where steps in.

By leveraging cutting-edge NLP and machine learning, extracts ultra-fine-grained insights from customer interactions across diverse channels. The platform provides a 360 degree customer intelligence view that drives significant improvements in customer satisfaction, service efficiency, revenue opportunities and agent performance.

With its enterprise-grade capabilities, flexible framework and easy integration with existing systems, Frame AI is a customer intelligence platform built for the future. Organizations looking to optimize the business value of customer conversations would do well to explore Frame AI.

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