What Is Kreado AI?


In today’s digital world, video content has become an indispensable part of marketing and advertising for businesses and brands. However, producing high-quality and engaging video content can be an expensive and time-consuming process. This is where AI-powered video creation platforms like Kreado AI come into the picture. Kreado AI is an innovative platform that utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence to automate the video creation process for businesses and individuals.

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What is Kreado AI?

Kreado AI is an AI-powered video creation platform that allows users to create multilingual videos featuring virtual characters. The system can generate full-length videos just from text or keywords provided by the user.

Some of the key features and capabilities of Kreado AI include:

  • A library of lifelike virtual human avatars in different genders, ethnicities and ages that can act as presenters in the videos.
  • Text to speech capability in over 140 languages including English, Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic and more.
  • AI generated voice-overs and lip syncing for natural narration and conversations.
  • Animated motions and gestures for the virtual presenters based on speech patterns.
  • Background music, stock videos and images to complement the narrative.
  • Customization options for avatars like hairstyle, costumes, branding etc.
  • Different scene templates for presentations, explainers, marketing videos and more.
  • Analytics dashboard to track video performance.
  • Integration with platforms like YouTube, social media and websites.
  • Quick turnaround with most videos created in under 5 minutes.

Benefits of Kreado AI

Kreado AI provides several benefits that make video content creation quick, affordable and efficient:

1. Automated video production: The AI system can take care of the entire video production process automatically from script writing to voice-overs, visuals and editing based on customizable templates. This saves enormous amount of time and effort.

2. High quality results: The videos created by Kreado AI are highly realistic with smooth lip-sync, natural expressions, proper pacing and emphasis. The graphic quality is also rich and vivid.

3. Customizable avatars: Users can choose from a diverse selection of human-like avatars as presenters and even customize their looks. The avatars can act as company spokespersons or branded hosts.

4. Multilingual support: Kreado AI supports text-to-speech in over 140 global languages allowing businesses to reach wider audiences by creating videos in native languages.

5. Affordable pricing: Pricing starts from free for basic videos to affordable paid plans, making quality video production accessible to businesses of all scales.

6. Easy to use: The platform has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for anyone to create videos without technical skills.

Key Features and Capabilities

Kreado AI comes packed with some amazing features that enable it to produce engaging, high-quality videos that connect with audiences. Let’s look at some of these features in more detail:

Realistic 3D Virtual Humans

Kreado AI provides users access to a diverse gallery of over 100 photorealistic virtual human avatars. These avatars span different ages, genders, ethnicities and roles allowing users to choose a suitable presenter for their video. The 3D avatars are highly detailed with life-like skin, hair, facial expressions and motions. Their lifelike nature allows them to simulate real human presenters.

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Users can even customize the avatars by changing their costumes, accessories or background scenes to match their brand identity. This makes the avatars blend seamlessly into the video narrative.

AI-Powered Speech Synthesis

At the core of Kreado AI is its advanced AI text-to-speech technology that converts text into amazingly natural sounding human speech. The system can generate clear and expressive voice-overs in more than 140 global languages and accents. The tone, inflection and emphasis is customized based on the language text to sound real and engaging.

The algorithm uses deep learning to continuously improve its speech synthesis ability. There is also synchronized lip movement of the avatars based on the speech pattern to make the visuals look real. Overall, it enables human-like conversations and presentations.

Animated Gestures and Expressions

Kreado AI not just creates natural voice-overs but also animates the avatar with suitable gestures, facial expressions and mouth shapes synced to the speech. The avatar seems to come alive and act out the narrative with hand movements, smiles, surprise and other lifelike motions.

This creates an immersive animated explainer video experience that is much more engaging than just static visuals. The avatar maintains eye contact, points out things on screen and reacts based on the content.

Customizable Templates

While the AI does all the heavy lifting, Kreado AI provides ample customization options for users to tailor the videos. There are professionally designed templates across multiple formats like:

  • Marketing explainer videos
  • Product demos
  • Live streaming broadcasts
  • Educational tutorials
  • Interview videos
  • Speech presentations
  • Social media videos and more

Users can select suitable templates, edit scripts, customize avatar looks, select backgrounds and modify other elements easily without any technical expertise.

Background Music and Visuals

To complement the narrative, Kreado AI provides a stock media library of background music tracks, videos, and images. Users can add relevant visuals like product photos, brand logos, text overlays, info graphics and more to make the videos visually appealing. The background music sets the right mood for the video whether it is upbeat, inspiring or thought-provoking.

Analytics and Integration

Kreado AI provides an analytics dashboard to track key metrics of the generated videos like views, shares, comments etc. Users can see popular titles, phrases and styles that resonate best with their audience. These insights help optimize future video content.

The videos can also be readily downloaded and integrated across platforms like YouTube, Facebook and websites to reach wider audiences. The videos are optimized for different formats like square, vertical and landscape.

Use Cases

Kreado AI is versatile enough to automate video production across multiple use cases including:

1. Marketing Videos

Businesses can use Kreado AI to quickly create eye-catching marketing videos to promote products or services. The animated avatar can explain key features, value propositions and advantages in an engaging way. Videos help improve brand awareness and conversion rates.

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2. Product Demos

The platform can generate dynamic product demo videos by using the avatar to showcase product features in action. Viewers get an immersive experience that builds trust and interest.

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3. Explainer Videos

Complex concepts, ideas and technologies can be simplified for audiences using Kreado’s AI explainer videos. The conversational avatar can break-down intricate details in a relatable way.

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4. Presentations

For corporate presentations, the realistic avatars can deliver key messages clearly just like a human presenter even reacting to presentation slides.

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5. Customer Testimonials

The virtual avatar can act as a customer providing a testimonial about a product or service in their own voice. This adds immense credibility.

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6. Training Videos

Kreado AI is ideal for automating employee training and onboarding by creating virtual instructors to educate teams. Interactive videos boost engagement and recall.

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7. Social Media Marketing

Engaging social media videos can be created quickly with the AI to grab attention, which helps increase reach and conversions.

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As we can see, Kreado AI can automate video production for a wide range of business needs enabling companies to scale their video marketing at an affordable cost.

Benefits of Using Kreado AI

Let’s look at some of the key reasons why using Kreado AI for video creation provides immense value:

Saves Time and Resources

The biggest advantage of using artificial intelligence for automating video production is the massive amount of time and effort it saves. Kreado AI can create videos with just text input which traditionally takes days of ideation, scripting, storyboarding, talent recruitment and editing by human creators. The AI handles the heavy lifting allowing quick turnarounds.

Cost-Effective Video Production

Producing videos professionally with actors, voiceovers, animators and production crew is an expensive affair. Kreado AI’s subscription plans cost a fraction in comparison allowing businesses to create unlimited AI videos cost-effectively.

Higher Audience Engagement

Videos created with Kreado AI score much higher on audience engagement due to the simulated human touch. Viewers find the lifelike avatar more relatable and the conversational tone pulls them into the narrative.

Wider Reach with Multilingual Videos

The multilingual capabilities of Kreado allow businesses to produce localized video content at scale to appeal to larger global audiences in their native language. This boosts brand awareness and conversions.

Data-Driven Video Optimization

The performance analytics helps analyze viewer response to optimize videos. Businesses can A/B test video content and leverage data insights to improve results.

Easy to Use Platform

Kreado AI is designed for ease of use so that businesses can create videos without any technical expertise. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface means anyone can produce videos in minutes. This makes video marketing accessible.

High Quality and Consistent Output

The AI ensures the video output quality is consistently high with clear audio, vivid visuals, and natural human-like presentation – at par with professional human production.

Customized and Dynamic Videos

While Kreado AI automates the production, businesses can still customize videos to fit their brand style and messaging with the editable script, avatar, templates and media options. Dynamic elements can also be added to make videos more interactive and immersive.

Scalable Video Production

Kreado AI allows businesses to easily scale up their video output once the initial templates are set up. The automated production means generating 100 more videos has negligible incremental effort allowing content scaling.

Enhanced Brand Storytelling

The simulated human presenters with their conversational narrative style provide an emotional connection with audiences that enhances storytelling and brand messaging.

Clearly, the benefits of using Kreado AI are multifaceted and can prove transformative for a business’s video marketing strategy allowing faster output, wider reach and better results.

Price and Plans

Kreado AI offers flexible and affordable pricing plans suitable for business of all scales. Following are the tiers:

1. Free Plan

Lets you create 60 second videos with Kreado branding for free. Great for trying out the platform.

2. Starter ($10/mo)

  • 3 minutes per video
  • 2 videos per month
  • 1080p resolution
  • Limited avatar library
  • Kreado branding
  • Ideal for small business and prototyping

3. Standard ($39/mo)

  • 5 minutes per video
  • 10 videos per month
  • 1080p resolution
  • Access to full avatar library
  • No Kreado branding
  • Advanced analytics
  • Great for agency and medium business use

4. Pro ($79/mo)

  • 10 minutes per video
  • 100 videos per month
  • 4K resolution
  • Custom avatar creation
  • Premium music and visuals
  • Detailed analytics dashboard
  • Suitable for large enterprises

5. Business (Custom)

Tailored custom plans for large volume video production like media companies. Get in touch for details.

Kreado also offers a free trial for hands-on experience. Considering the value provided, the pricing is quite affordable and allows businesses of all sizes to leverage AI for video content at scale.


Kreado AI is transforming the way businesses are able to produce videos and engage with their audiences. The AI-based platform automates the end-to-end video creation process saving enormous time and costs while delivering professional-grade videos.

With capabilities like multilingual human-like avatars, speech synthesis in 140+ languages, simulated facial expressions and gestures, stock media libraries and analytics, Kreado AI overcomes the traditional friction in video production.

The benefits range from higher audience engagement, wider reach, quicker turnarounds, scalable volumes, consistent quality and optimized performance. With Kreado AI, high quality and dynamic videos are now within reach for companies of all scales.

Given how vital videos have become for marketing, product demos, tutorials, presentations and customer outreach, Kreado AI presents an immense value proposition for modern day businesses looking to effectively harness the power of visual content and storytelling.

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