What is LoopCV AI?


LoopCV AI is an innovative job search automation platform designed to simplify and expedite the job hunting process. Using advanced technology like machine learning and automation, LoopCV takes care of the repetitive tasks associated with job searching so you can focus your efforts on the human side of the process.

The job search process can be tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating. Sending out application after application, tailoring cover letters, and tracking statuses is a repetitive and often unrewarding process. This is where AI-powered solutions like LoopCV come in.

In this article, we’ll explore what LoopCV is, how it works, and the key benefits it provides job seekers in today’s competitive market. Whether you’re looking to automate parts of your job search or leverage the power of AI more fully, LoopCV has features that can optimize your efforts.

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What is LoopCV?

LoopCV AI is an AI-powered job search automation platform designed to help job seekers find jobs faster and with less effort. It utilizes technology like machine learning, data science, and automation to reduce the time and energy required to search and apply for jobs.

At its core, LoopCV aims to eliminate the repetitive, manual work associated with job hunting. No more spending hours filling out the same information on multiple application forms. No more tailoring dozens of identical cover letters. LoopCV’s technology handles these mundane tasks so you can focus on putting your best foot forward with each job application.

Key features of LoopCV include:

  • Automated job application filling
  • Tracking of application status
  • Insights from application analytics
  • Job search optimization
  • CV optimization and A/B testing
  • Kanban job search board

With these capabilities combined, LoopCV provides an AI-powered solution to seriously upgrade your job search productivity.

How Does LoopCV Work?

LoopCV employs advanced technology like machine learning, automation, and data analytics to completely transform the job application process. Here’s an overview of how LoopCV works:

Daily Job Collection

The first step is job collection. LoopCV’s algorithms scour online job boards, company sites, and other sources to aggregate fresh job listings daily. Instead of you having to search various sites and filters yourself, LoopCV brings new job opportunities to you automatically.

You can customize searches based on job title, keywords, location and other criteria so only the most relevant openings are collected. This automated aggregation of job listings saves you time otherwise spent on manual searches.

Application Information Extraction

Once relevant jobs are collected, LoopCV gets to work extracting the key information needed to apply. Using optical character recognition and other extraction technology, LoopCV identifies and extracts fields like company name, job title, location, application email, and application form link from each job listing.

This extracted data populates the information needed to apply for each specific listing, eliminating the need for you to hunt down these details manually.

Automated Application Filling

After extracting the application details, LoopCV leverages automation to complete and submit applications on your behalf. Integrations with services like Google Workspace, Gmail, and LinkedIn automatically pull your latest resume and details.

LoopCV then fills out any required fields, uploads your materials, and submits complete applications without you needing to copy and paste information or attach your resume to each listing individually.

This automation of the application submission process significantly reduces the time and effort required compared to manual applications.

Application Tracking and Analytics

Once your applications are submitted, LoopCV provides tracking and analytics on their status. Email tracking reveals metrics on application opens, clicks, and replies. Data visualizations give insights into how your applications are performing over time.

These analytics empower you to evaluate your job search objectively. You can use the data to identify strengths to leverage and areas to improve in your search process.

Search Optimization

LoopCV allows you to A/B test various job search approaches for better results. Try different keywords, titles, and locations to see what yields more applications and interest.

You can also A/B test tailored resumes and cover letters for different opportunities. LoopCV provides the platform to experiment and identify the most effective job search optimization strategies.

CV Optimization

Similarly, LoopCV enables CV optimization based on application performance data. Its algorithms auto-identify areas for improvement in your resume or cover letter. LoopCV then provides suggestions to update your documents for increased success.

By leaning on data analytics and machine learning, LoopCV helps tailor your CV for each application. ThisOptimization ensures your application materials are as compelling as possible.

Kanban Job Search Board

LoopCV offers a Kanban board to organize and manage your job search in one visual workspace. Track applications through various stages like “Applied”, “Interview Scheduled”, “Offer Received” and more.

This systematization and project management ensures your search stays structured. The Kanban board provides an eagle-eye view so you can monitor your overall progress and results.

With these core capabilities combined, LoopCV provides a streamlined, optimized, and automated approach to job hunting powered by AI technology. The platform handles the repetitive, manual work so you can focus on nailing the human elements that will land you the perfect job.

Benefits of Using LoopCV

LoopCV brings numerous benefits to your job search process:

Saves Time

Automating application filling, tracking, and submission dramatically cuts the time required for applying to jobs. No more wasted time copy-pasting the same details over and over. LoopCV handles these tedious tasks for you and lets you apply with one click.

Reduces Effort

With LoopCV managing the busywork, you avoid burnout from the repetitive efforts of manual job searching. The platform streamlines the process so you can put your energy toward crafting strong applications vs. administrative work.

Provides Key Insights

The tracking and analytics LoopCV provides offer data-driven insights into your job search performance. You gain visibility you can leverage to refine your approach for better outcomes.

Enables Experimentation

LoopCV allows you to easily A/B test elements like keywords, resumes, cover letters, and more. This makes it simple to experiment and iterate your way to an optimized job search strategy.

Increases Productivity

By automating tasks and centralizing information, LoopCV boosts your overall productivity. You get more high-quality applications submitted in less time, accelerating your job search momentum.

Creates Structure

Features like the Kanban board provide structure for organizing your search and tracking applications. This systemization ensures your efforts stay focused and calibrated for success.

Offers Convenience

LoopCV minimizes the need to toggle between sites and track details. Everything you need to search, apply, and monitor applications happens in one convenient platform.

Who Can Benefit from LoopCV?

LoopCV is built to help all types of job seekers streamline and improve their search process. Here are some of the key demographics who can benefit:

Job Seekers Applying to Multiple Roles

If you’re applying to a high volume of roles, LoopCV can be a lifesaver by automating the repetitive application tasks. The more openings you’re applying to, the bigger time and effort savings LoopCV provides.

Career Changers

Changing careers or industries often requires applying to a wide range of new openings to find the perfect fit. LoopCV empowers you to cast a wide net and maximize your options.

Entry-Level Applicants

Recent graduates or those entering the workforce can benefit from applying at scale. LoopCV makes this high-volume application process manageable.


Data-driven job seekers can leverage LoopCV’s tracking and analytics to continuously optimize their search strategy. The platform provides the insights you need to refine your approach.

Disorganized Searchers

If you have an unstructured search process, LoopCV promotes organization through features like its Kanban board. Streamline your efforts for greater efficiency.

Tech-Savvy Users

Those proficient with technology can fully take advantage of LoopCV’s automation and AI capabilities. Optimize your search with cutting-edge innovations.

LoopCV Pricing Plans

LoopCV offers various subscription levels designed to meet all types of job seeker needs and budgets.

Free Plan

The LoopCV free plan allows getting started with essential job search automation features:

  • 2 job application searches
  • 10 job applications per month
  • Basic application tracking

This plan is ideal for testing LoopCV or running a focused, targeted search with a low volume of applications.

Growth Plan

The Growth plan expands automation capabilities:

  • 5 job application searches
  • 50 job applications per month
  • Email tracking and notifications

Kanban board

With increased searches and monthly applications, this plan fits those applying more broadly. Email tracking provides application insights.

Optimize Plan

The Optimize plan unlocks advanced optimization features:

  • Unlimited job application searches
  • 150+ job applications per month
  • A/B testing for experiments
  • CV optimization with recommendations
  • Company research profiles
  • Premium integrations

For high-volume application and maximizing automation, Optimize is the top tier plan. A/B testing and CV optimization further boosts efficiency.

The Technology Behind LoopCV

LoopCV combines leading technologies like AI, machine learning, data science, automation, and more to enable next-level job search automation. A few key tech innovations powering LoopCV include:

Machine Learning Algorithms

LoopCV develops ML algorithms to analyze job listings, extract application data, and provide optimization recommendations tailored to your search. The more you use LoopCV, the more your custom algorithm learns.

Automation Bot Development

Purpose-built automation bots handle completing job applications through integrations with various services. Bots auto-fill forms, upload materials, submit applications, and more to remove tedious work.

Data Pipeline Engineering

Robust data pipelines aggregate job listings, analyze performance, and surface insights. LoopCV’s data platform gives you the reporting and recommendations to continuously refine your approach.

Kanban Interface Design

LoopCV’s kanban board provides an intuitive, visual interface to track and manage your applications. The design draws inspiration from lean and agile development workflows.

Search Architecture

Advanced search architecture enables LoopCV to find and filter the most relevant job opportunities from thousands of sources. Only openings matching your criteria are delivered.

These technologies combine to make LoopCV an innovative platform and valuable ally for your job search. The sophistication of the underlying tech allows LoopCV to automate and enhance efforts at scale.

Getting Started With LoopCV

Ready to upgrade your job search with the power of AI? Getting started with LoopCV is simple:

1. Sign Up

First, sign up for a free LoopCV account via the website. Select the plan that fits your search volume needs.

2. Connect Integrations

Next, connect and authenticate integrated services like Gmail, Google Drive, LinkedIn, and more. This allows LoopCV to access your latest resume and details.

3. Configure Your Search

With integrations connected, set up your job search parameters including keywords, locations, titles, salary range, and other criteria.

4. Review Job Suggestions

LoopCV will automatically start suggesting relevant job listings that match your search configuration for review. Flag any listings you’d like LoopCV to apply to.

5. Track Your Applications

Finally, sit back and let LoopCV work its magic! It will automatically apply to your selected listings and you can track your applications via email analytics and your kanban board.

That’s it! In just a few steps, you can be leveraging the power of LoopCV to take your job search productivity to the next level.


LoopCV offers the most robust job search automation solution available today. By eliminating repetitive tasks and providing optimization insights, LoopCV allows you to focus efforts on high-quality applications tailored to each role.

Key takeaways include:

  • LoopCV automates job application filling, submission, and tracking.
  • Advanced technology like ML, automation, and data analytics power LoopCV.
  • Benefits include time savings, insights, increased productivity, and convenience.
  • LoopCV is designed to help all job seekers but especially high-volume applicants.
  • Different subscription plans are available to suit varied search needs and budgets.

Ready to step up your job search? Sign up for LoopCV today and leverage AI to find your next opportunity with maximum efficiency. The future of job hunting is automation. LoopCV puts that future in your hands today.

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