What Is Pictory AI? Create Engaging Videos with Pictory


Pictory AI is a video creation software that utilizes AI to convert long-form text and video content into short, captivating videos optimized for social media sharing. The AI does all the heavy lifting – analyzing text, finding matching footage and images, adding music, generating voiceovers, editing – to produce high-quality videos tailored for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

The technology behind Pictory AI leverages state-of-the-art natural language processing to read and comprehend content, computer vision to identify relevant visuals, and deep learning to edit footage, images, and audio together professionally. This automated, AI-powered approach allows Pictory AI to create videos at scale and speed like no other platform.

In a nutshell, Pictory AI enables:

  • Text to Video – Convert scripts, articles, blog posts into videos using AI generated visuals and voiceovers
  • Editing via Text – Make changes to existing videos by editing text rather than fiddling with timeline software
  • Automatic Subtitling – Add subtitles and captions to videos automatically
  • Media Library Access – Use Pictory’s library of over 3 million licensed images, video clips, and music

Video content has become an extremely popular and effective marketing tool in the digital age. Studies show that videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined. They also boost conversion rates by over 80% and improve brand awareness significantly. However, creating high-quality videos requires time, skills, and expensive tools that are out of reach for many businesses and marketers.

This is where Pictory AI comes in. Pictory AI is an innovative cloud-based video creation platform that leverages advanced artificial intelligence to convert text, audio, images, and video clips into stunning social media-ready videos in minutes. With Pictory AI, anyone can create professional, share-worthy videos at scale without any technical skills.

In this article, we will explore Pictory AI in-depth – understanding how it works, key features, pricing, and overall value proposition for businesses and marketers looking to enhance their video marketing game.

How Pictory AI Works

The video creation process with Pictory AI is simple and intuitive. Users just need to provide a text script, audio file, images, brand logos or any other assets they want to include in the video. Pictory’s AI takes care of the rest.

Here are the step-by-step stages of Pictory AI’s automated video creation:

Natural Language Processing

Pictory AI starts by ingesting the text script and running natural language processing algorithms to analyze it. The NLP extracts keywords, detects emotions, and comprehends the core ideas and context.

Media Matching

Next, the AI searches Pictory’s media library to find relevant stock footage, images, graphics, and icons that match the script contextually. The goal is to select visuals that will resonate with viewers and reinforce the script messaging visually.

Voiceover Generation

If required, Pictory AI can also generate human-like voiceovers from the text automatically. Users can choose from a range of realistic male and female voices, accents, and tones.

Video Editing & Production

Pictory’s AI brings everything together – the script, matched visuals, graphics, voiceover audio, licensed background music – into a professional, logically sequenced video edited to perfection.

Final Output

The final video is rendered out in full HD quality and optimized for social media platforms. Users can download the videos or directly share them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Key Features and Capabilities

Let’s look at some of the standout features that make Pictory AI such a powerful video creation platform:

Text-to-Video Creation

Pictory’s AI can turn any text content – articles, blog posts, scripts, transcripts – into videos by automatically generating visuals, voiceovers, and music. This enables creating videos at scale from existing collateral.

Edit Videos via Text

Users can edit and modify existing videos just by changing the text script. The AI will update visuals, edit timing, add/remove sections seamlessly. No need to touch complex video editing software.

Realistic Voiceover Generation

Pictory can create voiceovers from text that sound amazingly human-like and natural. The tone, accent, cadence is automatically adjusted to match the script context.

Automatic Subtitling & Captioning

Videos are automatically captioned by the AI, resulting in higher view time and accessibility. Captions can be translated into 50+ languages also.

3+ Million Licensed Media Assets

Get full access to Pictory’s library of over 3 million videos, images, graphics and music clips to integrate into videos, all 100% legally licensed.

Platform Optimization

Videos are optimized for different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn natively by the AI in terms of sizing, aspect ratio, text etc.

Video Branding

Easily integrate brand assets like logos, colors, fonts to ensure videos reflect brand identity and style guides.

Collaboration Tools

Pictory AI supports team collaboration allowing multiple stakeholders to provide feedback and approve videos in one place.

Analytics Integration

View key metrics like views, shares, comments for videos published on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms to gauge engagement.

Easy Sharing & Distribution

Download videos or directly publish to all major platforms. Videos can be embedded into websites and blogs seamlessly.

Use Cases

Pictory AI can be used across industries and use cases where high-quality, shareable video content needs to be produced quickly and at scale. Some examples include:

  • Social Media Marketing: Create multiple social videos from existing blog posts, ad copies easily.
  • Content Marketing: Convert old long-form content into snackable videos for higher engagement.
  • Video Ads: Quickly produce multiple video ad iterations for testing and optimization.
  • Internal Communications: Engage employees better with targeted video communications.
  • eLearning: Enhance course materials and training with interactive videos.
  • Lead Generation: Boost conversions by sharing videos in emails, landing pages, websites.
  • Product Demos: Create product demo videos at scale with ease.
  • Event Coverage: Recap events and presentations with auto-generated videos.
  • PR & Communications: Generate powerful videos for public relations outreach.

Pictory AI Pricing Plans

Pictory AI offers flexible and affordable pricing plans suitable for individuals, startups, SMBs, agencies, and enterprise teams.

Here is an overview of Pictory’s pricing options:


  • $29/month
  • 60 video minutes/month
  • Standard voices & music
  • SD output
  • Limited library access


  • $79/month
  • 240 video minutes/month
  • Pro voices & music
  • HD output
  • 1M+ library assets
  • Team collaboration


  • $199/month
  • 600 video minutes/month
  • Male + female voices
  • Full HD output
  • Unlimited library access
  • Branding & analytics
  • Priority support


  • Custom pricing
  • Unlimited video minutes
  • Premium voices & music
  • 4K output
  • Licensed music tracks
  • API access
  • Dedicated account manager

Bulk discounts are available on annual plans. Pictory also offers custom enterprise pricing for large teams with unlimited video requirements.

Overall, Pictory AI provides immense value for money given the professional quality videos it can produce at scale fully automatically. The time and cost savings compared to hiring video production teams and agencies are massive.

Why Choose Pictory AI?

Here are some key reasons businesses should choose Pictory AI as their video creation platform:

  • Speed – Create videos from scratch in minutes with no human effort.
  • Scale – Generate unlimited videos from existing text content.
  • Quality – Professional, share-worthy videos optimized for social media.
  • Automation – Fully AI-powered process with no creative experience needed.
  • Cost Savings – No expensive video production costs. Pay per video minute.
  • Convenience – Intuitive web interface requiring no downloads or training.
  • Flexibility – Customize with your brand assets, preferences and integrations.
  • Support – Dedicated customer success managers provide onboarding, training and ongoing support.


Video content is the future of marketing and communications. Yet quality video production remains out of reach for many businesses due to complexity and costs. Pictory AI solves this problem through the power of AI. It makes creating stunning videos easy, fast and affordable.

With Pictory AI, anyone can turn text and audio into professional social videos thanks to its state-of-the-art AI capabilities. Whether you are a startup, marketer, agency or enterprise, Pictory AI’s flexibility and automation will supercharge your video content production. Position your brand for the video-first age with Pictory AI.

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